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Shopping in Tajikistan - outlets, shopping streets and boutiques

Tajikistan is a mountain country in Central Asia. The Pamir Mountains occupy a large part of the country’s territory. Somoni is the national currency in Tajikistan. 1 somoni is divided into 100 dirams. Local banks accept national currencies of most countries. ATMs are available in large cities only. Tourists should always have some somoni banknotes with them. This is particularly true about rural areas because it might be hard to withdraw money, and local shops and restaurants accept somoni only. Some venues accept bank card payments, but many don’t.
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Most tourists want to buy souvenirs as memorable items and gifts to their friends and family. Here are some souvenir ideas for Tajikistan. Dushanbe is a clean and tidy city; it is pleasant to take a stroll here. You will certainly see many souvenir shops on your way. In Khujand, tourists need to take a look at the items sold in souvenir shops in Kamoli Khujandi Park that is adjacent to Khujand Fortress. If you are interested in national crafts and authentic Tajikistani souvenirs, start your search in a market that is present in any city and town in Tajikistan. Here, every merchant will gladly tell you everything about local wares and where to find them.
Tourists will most likely not wear a full Tajik national costume abroad, but this rule doesn’t apply to accessories in the national style such as hand-woven scarves and shawls. Take a closer look at them – these are great and useful gifts. Pamir tubeteika or skid in the Wakhi language is another great gift. Tubeteika is the traditional skull cap worn across Central Asia. Wakhi tubeteikas are made exclusively by hand, and it can take from several weeks to several months to make one. This is an item of exceptional quality but it is pricey. To get an authentic Wakhi tubeteika, travelers need to visit Khorog (Khorugh). Copyright
One of the smallest countries in Central Asia that is famous for its rich history and culture – Tajikistan really has much to impress its guests. …
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The central market in Khorog (the capital of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region) is an exotic place for all fans of shopping. Khorog is located at the crossing of roads from Dushanbe, Kyrgyzstan, China, and Afghanistan. Wares from these four countries are sold in the city market. Each Saturday, a market opens on the bridge across the Panj River that connects Tajikistan and Afghanistan. This is a place with a friendly atmosphere and active trade. The most popular goods are the following: household items, various small goods, instruments, spices, food, and clothes.
Khorog is a big city for the Pamir area. There is even a university here, and the population is 30 thousand people. However, it is not worth visiting for souvenir shopping only. This is mostly a destination for travelers who are eager to discover new places and have less interest in shopping. It doesn’t matter what city you visit, you will find quality Tajikistani textiles and embroidered items in any settlement of the country. Pay your attention to such traditional goods as dastarkhwan table cloths, suzani carpets, bed covers, padded robes, and embroidered belts.
Tajikistan is a mountain country in Central Asia. It borders with Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan, China, and Afghanistan. Tajik is the national language but …
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To buy a quality souvenir, an item that can last many years, consider buying items that Tajik masters are famous for. For example, local craftsmen are skilled in making all kinds of leather goods, so take a look at leather shoes (boots, sandals, slippers). It doesn’t matter if a pair of shoes is unbranded. If it is made from leather by local masters, this pair can last you many years. There are also leather bags, belts, purses, wallets, key chains, etc.
Bozori Mekhrgon is the largest market in the center of Dushanbe. Just like any other oriental bazaar, there are many merchants who offer spices, greens, vegetables, fruit, ready to use carrots for pilaf, and various types of rice. Rows with fresh flatbreads, baskets with fresh cotton cheese, and butchers with lamb meat – stalls with all kinds of items form a colorful kaleidoscope. On the second floor, there are such traditional products as nuts, dried resins, dried apricots and other fruit, and honey. Everything is sold by weight. Numerous types of black and green tea are also sold by weight. Local people do not like tea with any flavorings and artificial scents, so Tajikistani tea is free of any chemicals – only quality and natural tea. Some sellers offer pomegranate and mulberry juice that they squeeze right in front of buyers.
Tajiks are people with ancient history. They cherish their centuries-oil traditions, some of which might not be obvious because people, especially …
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Mekhrgon Market consists of an eye-catching three-story building, a smaller two-story building, and rows of street merchants adjacent to the main building. If you expect to see a stereotypical bazaar with loud sellers and crowds of visitors who try to push through the narrow roads between stalls, you will be disappointed. The market looks very civilized. There are broad paths between shopping galleries, and the place is free of crowds and noise. Some products have price tags – even small hills of spices usually have price tags. However, this doesn’t mean that bargaining is prohibited. Quite the opposite – local sellers enjoy bargaining as this is an old tradition. Bargaining is shopping and game at the same time – pretend to be an irreconcilable buyer and you will entertain yourself, the seller, and will get a discount.
Finally, it is possible to obtain food for free and not only to purchase it here. How can one do this? You can get it simply because you are a guest, and local people always try to be hospitable with guests. Of course, you need to be friendly, polite, express your admiration and smile. Try to be a nice foreign tourist and local people will reward you with their hospitality and generousness.
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