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National traditions of Suriname. Habits, mentality and the way of living

Colorful Suriname is like a puzzle, each piece of which is unique and important. Indonesia, India, the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe have come together into an incomparable bright picture. The official language of Suriname is Dutch, but people of different ethnic groups and races speak English to communicate with each other. In total, Suriname people speak about two dozen languages. Here you can see how ethnic and cultural groups differ in the manner of dressing and behavior, religion, and other aspects of life. Indians always dress casually and keep a low profile, while other Surinamese can indulge themselves more.
1. The official language of Suriname is Dutch, but most residents are fluent in English or at least understand it. Therefore, those who are bad at …
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Views on marriage, family, and gender roles in Suriname are very different and depend on ethnicity and religion. Descendants of Europeans are liberal and date anyone they want before marriage. They only marry for love. The descendants of immigrants from India, parents try to find their children economically and socially suitable partners, relationships before marriage are unacceptable. The ways people meet, date, and get married are also different. In most ethnic groups, it is considered normal when unmarried partners leave their families to live together. Typically, couples are from the same ethnic group or social status, but mixed marriages are also found, especially in the capital.
In Caribbean culture, women can have children from different men and be heads of the family. Some Surinamers, more often men, have more than one partner. Many working women are engaged in agricultural activities. Women can earn money and not depend on the husband, but this factor also differs from class to class, from group to group. Most Surinamers consider women as preservers of the hearth obliged to keep the home and the emotional life of the whole family in order. Recently, the number of divorces has increased. Families can consist of a mother and children or be very big, with three or four generations living next door or together. Copyright
Small Suriname cannot boast as much entertainment for tourists with children as neighboring countries. However, if you look closely enough, here you …
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The social class still plays an important role in the life of Surinamese. Income comes first in the class division. All Surinamese consider getting a good education very important, so they make every effort to provide it for their children. For children aged 6-12 years old education is compulsory by law. Higher education is free. For representatives of some cultures, the transition to adulthood must be reinforced ritually, often through painful methods, for example, testing strength and courage by using biting ants or stinging wasps.
By nature, regardless of ethnicity or class, Surinamese are mostly calm, friendly, and so hospitable that some of them do not even lock the doors or have no doorbells. Even uninvited guests will be fed. Surinamese children are well-educated, they never interrupt adults and show respect for elders. Surinamese meet each other with a firm handshake, close friends and relatives often exchange hugs. Suriname people appreciate good conversations, especially with tourists. It is important to avoid talking about money and politics. If someone brings this topic up, it is better to maintain a neutral position.
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Most Surinamese, regardless of ethnic group, status in society and other factors, are characterized by politeness and tact. They rarely speak loudly, behave rudely or show off their wealth. Therefore, Surinamese do not like arrogant, rude, impudent people and braggarts; they don’t like raised voices either. Talking loudly or shouting in public places is considered very rude and disrespectful towards others. Those who decide to drink in Suriname should avoid getting drunk, as being drunk in public is considered bad manners too.
Paramaribo, Suriname Friendship is highly valued in Suriname, sociable and friendly locals have no problems with making friends. Although communication usually takes place within one ethnic group and one culture, often friendship blurs all boundaries. This is the reason why so many different cultures manage to coexist under the sunny sky of one small country. On weekends and free evenings, Surinamese chat with friends, watch matches or play sports themselves. Sports, especially basketball and European football, are very popular in Suriname.
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