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Travel tips for Suriname - what to prepare in advance and what to obey

Paramaribo 1. The official language of Suriname is Dutch, but most residents are fluent in English or at least understand it. Therefore, those who are bad at English are recommended to learn at least a few basic phrases (for greeting, farewell, asking, expressing gratitude, and so on). It would also be good to learn some phrases in Dutch, but keep in mind that Surinamese Dutch differs from its classical version in the pronunciation of some words.
2. Communicating with Surinamese in Dutch, one should not try to imitate their accent, as this can be regarded as rudeness or even mockery. Tourists should not be ashamed of the natural accent since in most cases the very attempt to communicate in the official language of the country will be perceived positively.
3. Fruits and vegetables you buy should be thoroughly washed before eating.
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4. Surinamers mostly speak quietly and calmly, so it is advisable not to raise your voice, even when emotions are running high. Making noise, talking loudly, and shouting in public places are unacceptable.
5. Suriname is always sunny and often very hot, so be sure to take sunglasses and sunscreen, a hat, light clothing made from natural light-colored fabrics and comfortable shoes along.
6. Although in Suriname you can see both frankly dressed and much more modest residents, tourists traveling to the country for the first time are advised to wear more covered clothes in order to show respect for people of conservative cultures. If you know what kind of society you're going to join, you can dress in the way that is customary for new friends.
7. Suriname is relatively safe in terms of crime, but in public places, one needs to watch bags and valuables, since pickpocketing is common in the country. Copyright
8. Most Surinamese are tolerant towards sexual minorities, however, any public demonstration of non-traditional sexual orientation is not welcome. Nevertheless, Surinamese people do not welcome any expression of hatred towards minorities either, because tolerance and mutual respect form the basis of the philosophy of the country where so many different cultures have mixed together.
9. Offered drinks and food should be taken with gratitude, as any refuse can seriously hurt Surinamese.
10. Tourists note that many Surinamese can be characterized as surprisingly calm. They are much less nervous and angry compared to people from other countries. Guests of Suriname should follow the example of local residents and not let negative emotions prevail, otherwise, you can be considered ill-bred and impulsive.
11. Guests invited to the Surinamese home traditionally bring a bouquet of flowers as a gift and take off their shoes at the door.
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12. It should be borne in mind that many houses in the country do not have doorbells, so guests usually knock on the door. But in some cases, especially when waiting for guests, people do not lock the door at all.
13. Surinamese are polite and usually try to be correct, not expressing their thoughts directly, so as not to offend the interlocutor. Suriname guests should, in turn, be tactful and not allow themselves harsh judgments. Also, here it is customary to show respect to older people and be courteous with public authorities and law enforcement officials.
14. Surinamese cannot be called sluggish or lazy, however, if they have a chance to put things off until tomorrow, they will do just that, and this should be taken into account.
15. This rule may be attributed to the universal one, because it should be followed in any country, even in your own. However, many tourists forget that taking pictures of people and shooting them on video without asking are not acceptable. This can be called a violation of personal boundaries. Few people like to feel like an animal in a zoo or a museum exhibit. If you see a colorful, unusual or beautiful local resident and want to capture him/her for centuries, be sure to ask for permission.
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