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Nature of Peru - national parks and reserves for active recreation

The geography, climate, flora, and fauna of Peru are remarkably diverse. Coastal plains are arid but the climate is humid here. The climate is heterogeneous and the terrain is very difficult in the Sierra. Amazonian Selva amazes with a variety of animals and plants. Many natural parks and reserves have been created in the country to preserve the unique nature of different regions. Manu National Park is 1.7 million hectares of rainforest. Many species of monkeys, birds, and large predators like jaguars live there. This is the most visited park in the country. Many tourists go there after visiting the Sacred Valley.
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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The Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve is a protected area near Iquitos. There is an opportunity to watch the famous pink river dolphins while sailing on the river. Titicaca National Reserve is not only an incredible natural beauty but also unique floating islands. They were built by the Uros people on Lake Titicaca. Islands were built during the Spanish invasion to hide from the invaders. It is necessary to renovate the Islands over time as they are eroded. The lake is home to 14 species of fish and 18 species of frogs, as well as many species of birds.
Paracas is a few hours' drive south of Lima. There is also National Reserve there. It includes coastal waters, coastline, and Islands. The oldest traces of human presence on the continent are found in the region. One of the goals of the reserve is to preserve possible archaeological finds. In addition, rare representatives of marine fauna live in the park. Red beach is a unique place. Copyright
Monuments and architectural objects, notable for the history and culture of the country. …
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The summit of Huascaran is located in the territory of the National Park of the same name. It is the highest in the country. The park is located in the Central Andes (Cordillera Blanca). Unique plant species grow here. For example, this is the puya raimondii (Queen of the Andes). It is distinguished by an inflorescence 10 meters high. Vicuna, spectacled bears, condors, Peruvian deer, and 120 species of birds live in the park. Some species of animals and birds are threatened with extinction. The park is a popular place for such sports as hiking, trekking, skiing, and mountaineering. Cultural tourism is also popular here. There are 33 archaeological sites, including caves, burial grounds, irrigation terraces, and fortresses in the park. Scientific research in the fields of geology, botany, meteorology, zoology, ecology, and limnology is also conducted here.
The Cutervo National Park in the north of the Peruvian Andes is the oldest park in Peru. It was founded in 1961. Mountain forests, paramos (moist high-altitude meadows), and river sources are included in it. Spectacled bears, mountain tapirs, Lontra longicaudis, mountain packs, giant anteaters, and oilbirds live here. Andean wax palms grow in the park. In total, more than 7,000 species of plants grow in the park. Mountain forests are hidden behind a veil of fog for most of the year. Camping and hiking are popular in the park. There are caves with underground streams here. Several species of catfish live in them.
Every region in Peru is characterized by its unique nature landscape. In this country one will find lifeless desert, snowcapped mountains and dense …
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Tambopata National Reserve based in the region of Madre de Dios relatively recent. It is intended to protect several ecosystems of tropical forests. The area is mostly hilly and swampy. More than 1700 species of plants grow in the park. Cedrela odorata, oncidium, and Brazil nut are among them. Large predators are found in the park. This is a Jaguar, an ocelot, and a Cougar. You can meet collared peccaries, Peruvian spider monkey, jaguarundi, and capybara here. Some species of animals living in the park are threatened with extinction. The tribes of Cham and Pukirieri live on site. Boating, camping, and wildlife watching are popular leisures in the park.
Lima - Plaza San Martin The Cave of the Owls is the main attraction of the Tingo Maria National Park. Oilbirds nest there. It is a large nocturnal bird of the order nightjars. They settle in caves in large colonies and navigate using echolocation. The mountain range with the romantic name Sleeping Beauty occupies most of the territory. Therefore, the area is mostly mountainous and relief. There are rock formations up to 500 meters high. Several rivers flow through the park. It is extremely humid in the park. Forests are often hidden by thick fog. Several species of orchids grow here. You can observe rare species of animals: red brocket, black-capped squirrel monkey, the nine-belted armadillo, and the pacarana. Ecotourism, bird watching, and cultural tourism are popular in the park.
Peruvian cuisine combines the traditions of indigenous people and the traditions of migrants who went to conquer a new country in search of gold and a …
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The Pongo de Aguirre canyon is the main attraction of the Cordillera Azul Park. It is named after the Spanish adventurer Lope de Aguirre. Forests, rivers, and swamps cover most of the park. Many species of fish are found in the rivers flowing through the park. These are rhineloricaria, leporinus, piaractus brachypomus, and gilded catfish. Some of these fish are kept in aquariums around the world.
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National and city parks of Peru
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♥   World Heritage Site 'Huascarán National Park' . On the map   Photos
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Famous places and sights of Peru

Pyramid Huaca Ualyamarka

From the series “Top Survived Pyramids from Previous Civilizations”
One of the main attractions of the Peruvian city of Limas is the pyramid Huaca Ualyamarka. The scientists have found that it was relatively recent, built in the 4th century. The locals held the truncated pyramid, hidden under the earth layer, for an ordinary stone plateau until the end of the 20th century. The researchers who arrived in Lima in the 80s of the last century have excavated the pyramid, which was recognized as a distinctive historical monument.

For the pyramid construction one has used the unfired bricks. Presumably the building was used for the execution of the sacred rituals. The well-preserved floor of the pyramid became an unexpected discovery for archaeologists. Probably only a few people from the elite could visit the sacred place. In the pyramid, a few graves were … Read all

La Oroya

From the series “Top 14 Most Polluted Cities of the Planet”
A really tragic situation prevails in the Peruvian city of La Oroya. In 1922, Doe Run Corporation from the United States opened the Great Ironworks, which destroyed the flora and fauna of the region in less than one hundred years and brought thousands of people into danger of death. La Oroya is one of the few places in the world where the acid energies have been active for several years.

The sour rains are the main reason of the full lack of vegetation. Today the townspeople have to pay the degrading relationship to the environment with their health. Almost all locals suffer from severe respiratory system diseases. At present, about 35 thousand people live in the city, only 5% of whom have no serious health problems.

Daily emissions of lead, zinc, copper, and sulfur dioxide into the … Read all
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Cultural sights in regions of Peru

Old monasteries remain an interesting peculiarity of Arequipa. Many of these monasteries are still active. Established in the second half of the 6th century, Monasterio de Santa Catalina is one of the most interesting monasteries in the region. As many as 450 women lived in the monastery in the past but today only 20 nuns stay here. Monasterio de Santa Catalina is recognized as one of the most beautiful in the region. All buildings in the monastery are painted in bright colors. Numerous … Read more
There are also remarkable archaeological areas in Lima, including isolated area Huaca Huallamarca. Several thousand years ago, a large ceremonial center was established there. Today, visitors can explore the large-scale structure of pyramidal shape, and visit the local Archaeological Museum. A truly unique attraction is the Parque Amor located a few steps away from the coast. Its territory hosts a lot of interesting monuments and romantic sculptures. Each bench in the park is a real … Read more

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