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National traditions of Palestine. Habits, mentality and the way of living

Palestine is an Arab country in the Middle East that is a de jure sovereign state. It is partially independent and partially officially recognized by other countries due to the ongoing territorial tensions with Israel over certain territories. It is impossible to get directly to Palestine because the country doesn’t have any airports. For tourists, it is more comfortable to arrive in Israel first. Tourists are usually treated in a friendly way, but it is better not to say that you are heading to Palestine during the customs check at Ben Gurion Airport. When asked about the purpose of entry, simply say something like “tourism”. Otherwise, you risk spending several next hours in a closed room with the police asking different questions.
The State of Palestine is a de jure sovereign state with the unclear status of autonomous territories. It borders with Israel and is famous for its …
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There is one more way to reach Palestine – from Jordan that also has a border with the country’s territory called the West Bank. However, this variant will be neither cheaper nor faster. Actually, it can turn out even more expensive because you will have to pay for a Jordanian visa and a fee for the right to cross the border. Another Palestinian territory, the Gaza Strip, is a separated area at the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It has a length of only 40 kilometers. Tourists cannot enter the Gaza Strip – it is surrounded by a fence, and there is only one security checkpoint that allows only a very limited number of people to enter the territory.
A tall concrete wall (8-10 meters) separates the West Bank from Israel. The wall has barbed wire on its top and is guarded by Israel’s army. People can enter the territory only using the checkpoints that also have Israeli military patrols. It is not hard to enter the West Bank from Israel, but the journey back can be a bit harder. Patrol officers can check your luggage and ask you to show items in your pockets. That being said, tourists are often only asked to show their passports. Even though tourists are generally treated in a friendly way, it is better to be formal and do not share any excessive information with the soldiers. Copyright
Tourists can enjoy different types of vacations in Palestine depending on their taste and preferences. If you read a lot of negative information about …
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Bus or minibus is the most comfortable means of transport to cross the border. If you cross the border from the Palestinian side, it is better not to go on foot because Israeli soldiers might consider you a terrorist. If you hear shouting and see spotlights pointing at your direction, do not continue walking. Running is even a worse idea. Slowly turn around and return to the closest Palestinian bus stop. After that, get on a bus to Israel. There is a good transport connection between Jerusalem and the Palestinian administrative center, Ramallah, as well as regular buses between other cities of the two countries. It is better to use it. There is no need to exchange money because Palestine and Israel have the same currency – the Israeli Shekel.
A couple of words about Shabbat. Don’t forget that Jews do not work on Saturdays. They have Shabbat – the seventh day of the week and the day of rest in Judaism. What does this mean for tourists? Imagine that all cafes, shops, museums, and exhibition halls close on Friday evening and do not work until Sunday morning. Moreover, public transport in the cities and almost all international routes are also unavailable on Saturday. Streets in Israel become deserted on this day. Shabbat can easily ruin your travel plans, and it will be difficult to find an open restaurant. It is also not possible to enter the West Bank and return on this day. In Palestine, Saturday is an ordinary day, and so all venues work as usual.
1. Make sure you always have a passport with you. Document checks are frequent in Palestine, and if you fail to show an identification document, you …
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Tourists are generally safe in the region. Neither Jews in Israel nor Arabs in the West Bank prevent tourists from visiting local attractions. Foreign guests are a source of income for both countries because foreigners always pay for something – for hotel, food, taxi, souvenirs, excursions, etc. Tourists simply need to refrain from visiting certain places. For example, the city of Hebron has one of such places. There is an ongoing conflict regarding the holy place for both Muslims and Judaists. The Cave of the Patriarchs is the burial place of the prominent Biblical personalities – Abraham (Ibrahim for Muslims), Isaac, and Jacob with their wives. To relax tensions, it was decided to divide the cave into two parts, the Jewish and Muslim ones.
Hebron is also divided into two parts today. The Arab part is big, and the Judaic part is small. This small part is surrounded by a concrete wall, and only several hundred people live here. Almost the same number of Israeli soldiers protect the area. The rest of the city is controlled by Palestine. If a Palestinian guide conducts an excursion in Hebron, he or she will certainly tell about the cruel soldiers from Israel and will cover only the Arab part of the city. If the excursion tour is from Israel, the guide will tell about the inhumane things that Arabs did. The tourist group will not leave the protected area and will look at the city through the windows of the armored bus.
Palestine – the West Bank of the River Jordan – borders Israel and Jordan. The Gaza Strip has a border with Egypt. Officially, the State of …
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Palestinians do not like Jews, and so the latter shouldn't show up in Arab areas because it might be dangerous. There are also the so-called “A” areas that have no Israeli soldiers, and Israel’s laws prohibit its citizens to visit such areas. However, these mutual tensions between Palestinians and Israelis do not concern tourists. Locals see tourists from afar and try to offer tourism-related services or items to them, such as souvenirs, hotels, excursions, and taxis. There are many strident boys on the streets that actively convince tourists to buy their goods. Street food is available everywhere. However, tourists can find good restaurants and traditional infrastructure in Palestine. This is particularly true about Bethlehem – check out the city’s map to find these venues. Good news: prices in Palestine are cheaper than in Israel. Different goods and food can be up to several times cheaper here compared to Israel.
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