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National cuisine of Palestine for gourmets. Authentic recipes, delicacies and specialties

Palestine is a country with a hot climate, but local winters are quite cool. The temperature can fall to +5°C - +8°C. The country grows enough food to support itself and even exports some products to the neighboring Arab countries. Many travelers do not consider Palestine a potential holiday destination mostly because of the ongoing territorial conflict with Israel. However, this country is just like any other modern country in terms of food. Just like in most parts of the world, Palestine produces different kinds of sausages and cheese, yogurts, and other dairy products. Local farmers cultivate bananas, dates, citrus fruit, and spices that are traditional for Arab countries.
The West Bank, a Palestinian territory, is home to Arab Palestinians. Approximately half of them are Christians, the latter are Muslims. Holidays of …
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Meat is very popular in Palestine. Mutton, beef, and chicken are the most typical choices. All kinds of bread are also widespread in the country. There are several types of flatbreads in Palestine, and local people often use them instead of forks or spoons. Rice is an essential garnish and a basic ingredient in many dishes. It is present in the majority of popular dishes in the national cuisine. Perhaps, tomato is the most popular vegetable – it is present in the national cuisine just as often as rice. Just like in any other Asian country, various spices are very popular in Palestine. Local chefs usually use different blends of spices but the food is never hot here. Palestinian desserts, such as knafeh with cheese, fruit in sugar powder, lokum, halva, and ice cream are worth trying. They are delicious and exported to the neighboring countries.
Falafel and hummus are popular dishes that replace traditional fast food in Palestine. They are sold everywhere, and tourists enjoy eating them. Falafel is deep-fried balls made of chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans), tahini (sesame) sauce, greens, garlic, and spices. Falafel is usually served with a flatbread, fresh vegetables, and hummus. The latter is also a famous national dish. Hummus has similar ingredients but the two dishes taste completely different. Hummus is a paste-type dish that usually has a beige or cream color. It tastes particularly well when applied on a flatbread. Canned hummus is sold in all local shops. Copyright
The territory of Palestine is not big. Urbanites and residents of big megalopolises might feel that everything is so small here. Nevertheless, there …
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Maqluba (or maqlouba, makluba) is a dish with chicken, rice, and garlic. Other ingredients (eggplants, cabbage, carrot, potato) can vary. Maqluba is an old dish; it has been famous since the 13th century. Mansaf is a traditional festive dish in the region. No celebration like a wedding, birthday, or funeral is possible without this dish. Mansaf usually contains such ingredients as lamb, yellow rice, goat milk, and yogurt. A flatbread is placed on a big plate, and Mansaf is served on top of it. The ready dish is often decorated with nuts. Moussaka is another dish that is very popular in the Middle East. This is chicken roasted with onions, pepper, pine nuts, and saffron. Moussaka is usually served with lemon.
Tea and coffee are the most typical drinks in the country. Coffee with cardamom is the most popular variety. Local people prefer to add a bit of sugar to coffee or do not add it at all. A cup of coffee is traditionally served with a glass of cold water. This is a universal drink for morning and daytime. Tea is more popular in the evening. As a rule, locals drink it at home using small cups and lots of sugar. Many people in Palestine like Coca-Cola and often drink it. This beverage is sold everywhere because there is a plant in Ramallah that produces it.
One of the youngest countries in the world, Palestine officially appeared on the world map only in 1994. That being said, many signature landmarks of …
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Now let’s talk about alcoholic drinks. In the Middle East, and Palestine is not an exception, Arak is one of the most widespread spirits. This vodka-type distilled alcoholic drink usually has 40% to 60% alc/vol depending on the manufacturer’s recipe. The taste can also be quite different – Arak can have fruity or floral hints but the taste of anise is always the main. It is usually served with fruit and nuts. The term “Arak” describes a group of alcoholic beverages, so Arak made in Palestine is different from Arak made in Iran, Jordan, or Syria. The Palestinian one is available in Palestine only. Besides that, there is a brewery in Taybeh that produces several varieties of beer including the nonalcoholic one.
In the Gaza Strip, a self-governing territory separated from the rest of Palestine by Israel’s land, fish is more popular than meat due to the location along the Mediterranean coast. Fish is usually cooked with various spices, chili pepper, garlic, and dill. However, the national dishes of this closed territory are a mystery, and tourists cannot visit the Gaza Strip. Israel blocks the borders of Gaza and doesn’t let tourists or other foreigners enter it.
Palestine is an Arab country in the Middle East that is a de jure sovereign state. It is partially independent and partially officially recognized by …
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It is hard to stay hungry in any city in the West Bank. Simply look around and you will surely notice a fast food café. There are many of them, just like outlets with clothes and household items. Frankly speaking, popular streets are a chain of vendors and small shops. If you don’t like street food, visit a café or restaurant – there are many of them too. Local food is delicious and inexpensive. In Bethlehem, visit You Burger that specializes in nourishing burgers or make your choice in favor of traditional cuisine and dine in Reem Al Bawadi that is open on Manger Street. As a rule, tourists like these venues. Cheap price is another advantage of local food – it costs several times less than in neighbor Israel.
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