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Cultural sightseeing in Palestine. What to visit - museums, temples, castles and palaces

The State of Palestine is a de jure sovereign state with the unclear status of autonomous territories. It borders with Israel and is famous for its rich history. Palestine occupies two territories. One of them is called the West Bank. It is located on the west bank of the Jordan River. This area borders with Jordan to the east and with Israel to the remaining three sides. The West Bank has direct access to the Dead Sea. The second area – the Gaza Strip – is a small strip of land along the Mediterranean Sea coast. It has a length of only 40 kilometers and a width of 4 to 12 kilometers. The Gaza Strip borders with Egypt to the south and with Israel to the east and north. Israel built a high fence to separate this territory.
One of the youngest countries in the world, Palestine officially appeared on the world map only in 1994. That being said, many signature landmarks of …
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The West Bank has many famous areas mentioned in the Bible, so this place attracts many tourists from all over the world. Despite its small size, the Gaza Strip is home to roughly two million people. This area is not suitable for sightseeing simply because tourists cannot access this territory. Palestine is mostly a desert pavement with small plots of land suitable for agriculture on the west. The east part of the country has almost no vegetation in some areas.
Opposite to its poor soil, Palestine has an incredibly rich history. Many famous events mentioned in the Bible took place in the territory of this country – in Jericho, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and the River Jordan. Tourists can visit many famous landmarks during a longer stay in Palestine or arrive in the country from Israel every day. Anyway, tourists cannot escape Israel because Palestine doesn’t have an airport. That is why tourists need to fly to Tel Aviv, then head to Jerusalem, and only after that get on a bus to Ramallah, Bethlehem, or Jericho. It is better to book excursions in tourist centers – as a rule, these centers offer discounts for groups of tourists. Copyright
Palestine is a country with a hot climate, but local winters are quite cool. The temperature can fall to +5°C - +8°C. The country grows enough food …
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Don’t forget to visit Bethlehem during your stay in Palestine. This is one of the most ancient cities in the world. Bethlehem has been always inhabited since its establishment in the 17th century BC. Torah mentions it as the home city of King David, and the Gospel names Bethlehem the place where Jesus Christ was born. During its long history, the city had different rulers such as Persians, Muslims, Christians, Ottomans, British, Jordanians, and Israelis (after the Six-Day Way in 1967). The city became a part of the State of Palestine in 1995.
The Basilica of the Nativity is an important attraction in Bethlehem. This is a Christian church built on the site where Jesus Christ was born. Pilgrims come to this place to see the precious icon of the smiling Virgin Mary. There is one more important attraction – the Milk Grotto of Our Lady – not far from the basilica. This is a cave where Joseph and Virgin Mary with baby Jesus were hiding on their way to Egypt. According to a legend, when Virgin Mary was feeding her child, a drop of her breast milk fell on the red floor of the cave. After that, the whole cave turned white. This cave is believed to have healing power for women, especially women who have problems with pregnancy or breast-feeding. Bethlehem is rich in landmarks, so even a short excursion to the most famous attractions can last up to one day.
Palestine is an Arab country in the Middle East that is a de jure sovereign state. It is partially independent and partially officially recognized by …
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Jerusalem is a city established almost five millennia ago. The earliest mentions of this city date back to 2,800 BC. In Jerusalem, there are religious landmarks and historic sites that are important for Christians, Judaists, and Muslims. The city is divided into two parts between Israel and Palestine. The latter has only the east part of the city. Foreign tourists, as a rule, want to visit all historic attractions regardless of their jurisdiction. The most notable landmarks of Jerusalem are the following: the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Temple Mount, Via Dolorosa Street (it is believed that Jesus was walking on this street on his way to crucifixion), Mount of Olives or Mount Olivet, Tomb of the Virgin, Cenacle or the Upper Room, and Saint Anne’s Church (Virgin Mary’s mother).
The city of Jericho is famous for its age – it was established more than 10,000 years ago. It was a prosperous settlement in the Bronze Age. All of its walls were magically destroyed by the sound of trumpets that are now famous as the trumpets of Jericho. It was Jericho that the Roman commander Mark Antony gifted to his lover Cleopatra, and Jesus Christ healed a blind person here. Jericho is located 260 meters below sea level, and this peculiarity creates a unique microclimate in the city. The place is significantly warmer in winter, the temperature is approximately 7°C - 8°C higher than in the neighborhoods. This caused the famous Biblical king Herod to build a winter palace in Jericho.
Tourists can enjoy different types of vacations in Palestine depending on their taste and preferences. If you read a lot of negative information about …
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When it comes to the attractions of Jericho, we should start with the site of the ancient settlement - Tell es-Sultan or Tel Jericho and the Hisham's Palace that dates back to the 7th-8th century. After that, explore Wadi Qelt, a popular tourist route, and head to the Monastery of Saints John and George of Choziba, a Greek Orthodox monastery built into the rocky cliff. The monastery still has ancient cells of monks that are also built into the rocks. There is one more attraction in the city’s neighborhood. This is Deir Hajla, a Greek Orthodox monastery. Joseph and Mary with baby Jesus stayed at the monastery when they were escaping to Egypt in order to save the child from King Herod.
In the west neighborhood of Jericho, tourists can visit one more famous landmark - the Mount of Temptation. When Jesus Christ went to the desert to fast for 40 days, the devil was trying to seduce him. However, Jesus was resisting the temptation right on the hill that we know now as the Mount of Temptation. Later, a monastery was built on the mount. The River Jordan flows approximately 10 kilometers to the east of the city. According to the Bible, John the Baptist baptized Jesus somewhere in this area. It is easy to reach the Dead Sea, a well-known and established resort, from Jericho. Palestine is not as dangerous for foreign tourists as some media assume. Now it is your turn to prove this.
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