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Hussaini Suspension Bridge

From the series “The Most Dangerous Bridges in the World”
Hussaini Suspension Bridge situated in Pakistan also deserves the attention of fans of extreme entertainment. It was designed to move across the Hunza River. The current bridge is the second one. The fact is that this area is characterized by windy weather, and, therefore, the first bridge constructed of thin ropes and planks was almost completely destroyed. Some surviving elements can still be seen next to the existing bridge, which only adds excitement to tourists.
The second bridge isn’t reliable too, as it was built out of the simplest materials - ropes and planks. Hussaini Suspension Bridge is very old. Even locals can’t recall the exact date of its construction. For many years, planks have broken down and gaps between the boards have become quite large. Huge holes in the bridge and icy wind that never ceases to blow make getting over Hunza incredibly dangerous. Hussaini Suspension Bridge is located near the village of the same name. As local residents recall, at least ten people were fallen while passing the bridge. It is considered the most dangerous bridge in the world, as the permanent cold wind blowing from the mountains of the Karakoram makes getting over even more dangerous. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “The Last City-Fortresses Survived to This Day”
Pakistani fortress-city Lahore is also known all over the world. It was established thousand years ago. In the 16th-17th century it was at the top of the development. At that time Lahore was the capital of the Mogul Empire. Tourist visit this city in order to see the magnificent architectural complex – Shahi Qila fortress that was built in the beginning of the 17th century in the center of the city. Several years ago this fortress was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The walls of this large complex hide the landmarks of an incredible beauty. The Pearl Mosque and the Palace of Mirrors are the most splendid. After exploring the fort, you can walk in the wonderful gardens of Lahore. The Hazuri Bagh Garden is the largest. Only professional florists attend about it every day.
Lahore is well-known thanks to the Badshahi mosque, the most outstanding Muslim landmark. It was built in the Medieval period and till our days it is the second largest mosque in the country. Samadhi of Ranjit Singh has also been highlighted among other landmarks. You can order excursions not only in a daytime but also in the evening. All the buildings are decorated with marvelous illumination. Notwithstanding that facts, that Lahore has a lot of historical monuments, it is a modern city with hundreds of hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. ... Complete sights collection

Lake Sheosar

From the series “The Cleanest Lakes and Rivers of the Planet”
In the North of Pakistan, you can find a wonderful Sheosar Lake. It was placed on the territory of Deosai National Park. The lake is world known thanks to its crystal-clear water. For hundreds of years the lake has been being the clearest reservoir on the planet. Its maximum depth goes up to 40 meters and length is about 2,3 km, width 1,8 km. The lake is situated in a remote mountain region, at a high of 4 142 metres above the sea level.
Travelers can order neither four-wheel drive nor hiking excursions in Deosai National Park. You can get to the remote mountain region in a couple of hours by the off-roader, whilst trekking will take no less than two days. Admirers of nature have to walk in the nature reserve on foot. There were made special areas where people can put a tent up and stay for a night or just to relax.
The best time for visiting the wonderful lake and walking in the reservation is from the beginning of June until the end of September. At this time a great number of flowers surround the lake and the nearby territory. Butterflies are the main peculiarity of this place. You can see several decades of the species. In November everything in the valley is covered with snow. Only in May nature completely wakes up from a deep dream. That’s why during this period the reservation is closed for visitors. ... Complete sights collection

Rift in Shigi

From the series “Dangerous Faults and Rifts of Earth Crust”
The rift in Shigi is another large earth' break up that has formed in Pakistan. This region has quite a small population that’s why mass media didn’t pay attention to the geological anomaly. The video was downloaded to a popular international website. Only after that, the world knew about this accident.
In the video was shown a huge rift from the beginning till the end. In some places, the width of the fault was about 50 cm and in another wasn’t more than a cm. There wasn’t made any official researching works and until now there is no precise data about the width and depth of the fault. The area of the fissure has quite a dry sandy soil. Rains is a rare phenomenon there, that’s why such faults can’t happen there naturally. The rift is situated near Gulistan city and locals knew about the geological anomaly only after the video publication. ... Complete sights collection

Faisal Mosque

From the series “Top Largest and Famous Mosques Worldwide”
Faisal Mosque is the mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is the largest mosque on the territory of South-Eastern Asia. In the world, it is in the fourth place in the area. This mosque doesn’t look like other Pakistani mosques. A famous Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay didn’t want to make traditional cupolas and created the unusual constructions that resemble a Beduin tent.
Before the building was organized an international competition in which architects from 17 countries submitted 43 proposals. Design of Vedat Dalokay was chosen as the most extraordinary and symbolic. The unusual building looked quite harmonious and unusual. Enter to the mosque you can through the inner yard that is decorated with a small artificial pond and marvellous fountains. The most beautiful marble types, delicate mosaics and calligraphic patterns were used for the inner decoration. The best masters from Pakistan did their best to decorate this mosque.
The payers hall is enormous, at once there can be up to 10 000 believers. The mosque has an additional hall for 24 000 people, the inner yard can meet up to 40 000 people. This great mosque was built within ten years and was finished in 1986. The great sum of money for the building was given by King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz. In honour of him was named not only the mosque but also the road leading to it. ... Complete sights collection

Badshahi Mosque

From the series “Top Largest and Famous Mosques Worldwide”
In Lahore you can see the royal Badshahi Mosque. From 1674 it is the second-largest Pakistan mosque. The building is situated on a high platform that was built especially before the mosque. The religious building has the largest inner yard in the world, its length is 527 meters and 159 widths. The minarets high is 62 meters, together all these peculiarities make this mosque magnificent.
A huge building is decorated with three white marble cupolas. Near the main entrance, there is a two-tired 20 meters pavilion. This mosque is quite extraordinary and attracts people from the whole world. There is a small museum devoted to the Islamic relics. Among them, there are some unique values – the green prophet Muhammad’s turban and delicate scarfs, made by his daughter Fatima.
These relics became a reason of interesting stories. Until nowadays we don’t know about their appearance in the mosque. According to the main theory, they were given by the Conqueror Timur and originally, they were in Sheesh Mahal Palace. In 2002 the mosque has lost one of its relics – sandals of the prophet Muhammad. After this accident, the government wanted to close the museum and take the exponents to the Lahore’s museum but later was decided not to replace the relics. ... Complete sights collection


From the series “Remains of the First Ancient Cities”
You can visit a unique archaeological area in Pakistan in the Sindh province. These are the ruins of the ancient city of Mohenjo-Daro. This city was founded no later than 2,600 BC. It was one of the oldest cities on the territory of present South Asia. The archaeological area was discovered by researchers in 1920. This ancient city never ceases to amaze scientists with its correct layout. Complex religious and irrigation systems are found on its territory. Residents of Mohenjo-Daro used some of the most advanced technologies for their time in the formation of their city.
You can see the ruins of the so-called "citadel" in the central part of the city. According to the assumptions of archaeologists, it was used for protection during floods. The "Great Bath" is a no less interesting object. Its area is 83 square meters. It was used for rituals. One of the main features of the city was a complex sewer system. Researchers have discovered the world's oldest public toilets in Mohenjo Daro.
This ancient city surpassed the level of development of many other cities that existed at that time. The main mystery of the ancient city remains the cause of its disappearance. According to one of the latest versions, it was destroyed in a nuclear explosion. Scientists noted an excessively high level of radiation when studying the skeletons of locals. It was typical of the level found in people who died from a nuclear explosion. It remains unknown what could have caused such a strong explosion more than 4,000 years ago. ... Complete sights collection
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