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Cultural sightseeing in Bolivia. What to visit - museums, temples, castles and palaces

Bolivia, La Paz If you are going to visit Bolivia, you should remember that the country is located in the highlands of the Andes. Therefore, the lack of oxygen is felt on most of it. You can get used to it pretty quickly. The main thing is to give yourself time to acclimatize. There are many landscapes of incredible beauty in most parts of this country, as well as impressive huge stone cities. They remained here as a reminder of the great Inca civilization.
Bolivians are very careful about their history and religion. The conquest of this country by Spain had a great impact. But it did not destroy the …
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Lake Titicaca is the highest mountain lake in the world. It is located in one of the mountain gorges on the border between Peru and Bolivia. Its depth reaches 120 meters in some places. Its waters are truly crystal clear. According to the beliefs of Bolivians, this lake was the source of the birth of mankind. It is believed that the first people came out of its waters. The Quechua people who lived on these shores gave it its name in ancient times. It sounds like "Puma at the rock" in approximate translation. The mirror surface of the lake holds many mysteries. The locals treat it with respect. However, fishing is widespread here. Many types of grasses and shrubs grow on the land around the lake. Local residents grow corn and potatoes. Herds of llamas and alpacas roam the mountains. There are also predators here. They are foxes and wolves. The scenery that opens up from the shores of Titicaca is striking in its beauty and grandeur.
The Altiplano plateau is located in the central part of the country. Every traveler coming to Bolivia should visit it. You will not find such an amazing variety of types of alien landscapes in any place in the world. These places began to gain popularity among tourists just a few decades ago. A trip to the plateau is actually a trip to a world that has not been touched by human activity. There are only a few small hotels with facilities located outside. Electricity is provided for a couple of hours a day in the best case. However, tourists do not come here for comfort but for impressions. The places are so pristine that many wild animals are not even afraid of people. Copyright
Bolivia is a country located in the center of South America. This is the highest country in the world. The country can be divided into three zones, …
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Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the world. Its snow-white surface is covered with a thin layer of water. It reflects the clouds floating in the sky like a mirror. Actually, the feeling of the horizon disappears and the illusion of walking on the sky is created here. A desert surrounded by volcanoes follows. The incredible beauty of the Red lagoon of Colorado is located a little further away. This is one of the most visited places in the country. Iron oxide gives the water and the coastal zone a unique ochre color. The color of the water may change depending on the weather conditions. A reservoir is of huge size. However, its depth does not exceed 30 centimeters. A huge population of elegant flamingos looks surprisingly harmonious. Flamingos of three species are found here. The microorganisms that inhabit the lagoon attract them. Some species of wild animals are found on the banks of the reservoir.
The Legislative Palace, La Paz Madidi is a beautiful National Park. Its name translates from Indian as "black ant". Its vast territory (about 20 thousand hectares) begins in the highlands of the Andes and gradually descends to the Amazon basin. This is one of the largest protected areas in the country. It has the largest species of biological diversity. More than 160 species of animals and 950 species of birds, many plants, including poisonous ones, and, of course, huge numbers of insects make this area not the best place to walk. You should bring a repellent to visit the park. It will be even better to have all the necessary vaccinations.
These spots really worth the attention of a real traveler-researcher. …
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Mirador State Park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its huge territory (more than 1, 5 million hectares) covers several different ecosystems. It includes rivers, waterfalls, and endless savannas. The wide variety of flora and fauna will impress your imagination.
The complex of buildings of the ancient Tiwanaku is located 70 kilometers away from La Paz and 15 kilometers from Lake Titicaca. The ruins were discovered by the archaeologist Posnansky in the XIX century. According to modern researchers, this majestic city was the major administrative center of the state of Tiwanaku already in the second-century ad. It lasted until 1180. It was abandoned by the inhabitants at this time. According to legend, this is where the first Inca rulers came from. The remains of stone structures have been perfectly preserved to our time. This is the Gate of the Sun, Kalasasaya, amazing statues, walls with strange bas-reliefs in the form of heads, and a huge step pyramid with a megalithic staircase leading to its top.
During its centuries old history, Bolivia has become home to many places of interest and historic landmarks that are known far beyond the borders of …
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El Valle de la Luna is 11 kilometers away from the city of La Paz. This is a unique place. You can easily get lost in its canyons. The valleys resemble the lunar surface. A fenced path is laid for tourists. There are turrets and craters on the way of tourists.
La Paz, Bolivia The Witches' Market is the most famous attraction in La Paz. This unusual place with the most real shamans, sorcerers, and healers, who sell their potions, is located on the square in front of the majestic Catholic Cathedral of Iglesia de San Francisco. This neighborhood is unusual. But this is normal for Bolivia. After all, the new religion brought by the Spaniards, organically intertwined with the beliefs of local residents. Therefore, you can see various amulets, dried Lama Fetuses (to protect the house from evil), as well as skins, herbs, and everything you may need to fight evil spirits in the market. Tourists like to walk around this strange market. However, it is strongly recommended not to take photos of sellers or products.
The state of Bolivia is located in the central part of South America. Most of it is located in the highlands of the Andes. The complex geographical …
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Oruro is a small town. The country's grandest carnival takes place here every year in early spring. Representatives of many indigenous peoples in the most incredible costumes come here. Bright colors and a variety of clothes, loud music and an incredible sense of celebration amaze inexperienced viewers. Several hotels are built for tourists here. The restoration of city buildings built in the past centuries has also been carried out. Souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes – everything looks very cozy and colorful. The second attraction of this modest town is the snow-white statue of the Virgin Mary. It was installed in 2013. Its height is 45 meters. It is installed on an elevation. Her eyes are fixed on the town.
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Cathedrals and basilicas in Bolivia
♥   Basilica de San Francisco, Sucre. On the map   Photos
♥   Monumento de la Virgen del Socavón, Oruro. On the map   Photos
♥   Iglesia San José, San José de Chiquitos. On the map   Photos
♥   Catedral Metropolitana Basílica de San Lorenzo, Santa Cruz. On the map   Photos
♥   Catedral Metropolitana San Sebastián, Cochabamba. On the map   Photos
♥   Cristo de la Concordia, Cochabamba. On the map   Photos
♥   Iglesia San Rafael, San Rafael de Velasco. On the map   Photos
Map of all palaces
Palaces in Bolivia
♥   Palace 'Palacio Quemado' La Paz. On the map   Photos

Extreme Guinness-type places in Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni

From the series “The Most Surrealistic Places of the Earth”
Bolivia is home to the largest salt lake in the world - Salar de Uyuni, whose area is 12,000 sq km. The salt plane is usually dried out. Its surface is covered by the layer of salt crystals, which form very beautiful and structured landscapes. Everything changes when the rainy season begins in the desert. A fine water layer is formed on the surface of the huge salt lake, which transforms it into the ideal clean mirror.

The border between the salt lake and the horizon is literally invisible in this period. In the middle of the desert level one can completely lose the sense of reality. The scientists believe that Salar de Uyuni has formed more than 10 million years ago when the ocean began to fade from the mainland. The at first sight lifeless salt lake has many secrets. It has been used … Read all

Titicaca Lake

From the series “The Highest Mountain Lakes of the Planet”
Lake Titicaca is probably the most famous high mountain lake in the world. The lake is located on the Altiplano high plateau, at the height of 3 812 meters above sea level. Lake Titicaca has formed as a result of active glacier melting. According to the approximate calculations at least 300 glacier flows flow into it. The maximum depth of the lake is 304 meters, Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake on the earth. The Indians of the Ketschua tribe have named the lake. Literally one can translate the name from the original language as 'Steinpuma'.

To understand the meaning of this name, you have to look at the lake from the bird's perspective. Its outlines really remind you of the silhouette of the puma. Titicaca has been attracting numerous explorers and explorers for several … Read all
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La Paz
The erection of the new cathedral began in 1835, and its reconstruction was completed only by 1925. The cathedral features not only a spectacular appearance but also unique decoration. Incredibly beautiful marble and precious wood were brought for its decoration from many European countries, almost all the finishing elements have remained intact. Beautiful old icons and other religious relics are stored within the walls of the cathedral, its main decoration is a luxurious 19th-century altar. … Read more

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