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Culture of Sarajevo. Places to visit - old town, temples, theaters, museums and palaces

Universiteit van Sarajevo The first settlement in the modern Sarajevo area was established as far back as in 1263. The city of Sarajevo is rich in historical and architectural monuments, landmarks and sites belonging to various epochs. Tourists will discover beautiful mosques, picturesque and scenic market places as well as typical Turkish bazaars in the city adding a peculiar charm to the city atmosphere. Tourists are recommended to start an exploration of the destination from the eastern district of the city of Sarajevo which is considered to be a Christian one. The district locates the oldest Christian religious site of the city being the Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel.
1. An optimum season to plan a visit to Sarajevo is considered to be a period from May to September as during these months the weather is the most favorable for city exploration and … Open
The church was built in 1478 and had had a miraculous escape during the years of war. Not far from that religious site tourists will find another remarkable religious landmark of the city being the Church of the Holy Mother of God which construction took place in the second part of the 19th century. The eastern part of the city is rich in religious landmarks and sites with the most remarkable among them being the Cathedral of the 18th century and the Old Synagogue. The Synagogue has recently been reequipped into a museum. Now the building of the Synagogue houses the Jewish Museum offering a diverse and unique collection.
True explorers and investigators will love to see a building of the Old Town Hall being a genuine example of the Moresque Style. Many excursion routes start from the Bascarcija Square. Close to the square tourists will discover the largest market place of the city having the same name. The market will be of great interest not only for genuine shopping addicts. On the premises of the market tourist will find numerous art and crafts workshops being established there many centuries ago. Copyright
Discovering the architecture of Sarajevo from bird's eye view! Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque, Avaz Twist Tower, Saint Joseph Church, Church of the Holy Transfiguration, National and University Library, all those monuments are defining the image of Sarajevo … Open
The largest mosque of the city of Sarajevo is the Begova Dzamija Mosque being erected in the Middle Ages in the Ottoman Empire epoch. The most beautiful mosque of the city can justly be called the Careva Dzamija featuring a unique architectural style and luxurious interior design. The city of Sarajevo counts about a hundred of mosques. Each of them has its own unique history.
Sarajevo: Miljacka i most Admirers of long trips and exploration tours should necessarily join an excursion to the Turkish Fort. A massive fortifying construction was erected on one of the high hills opening a vibrant panoramic view of the city. The city offers its guests a couple of dozens of remarkable museums with the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Local History Museum being the most popular among them. Tourists will discover several modern architectural constructions among the sites and landmarks of the city as well. The Avaz Twist tower is one of the most remarkable contemporary buildings. Its height is 172m. The tower was built in 2009. The architectural execution of the building is rather weird and original. Due to its unique style the building is among the most beautiful architectural constructions of Europe.
Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo, National Theatre, Asim Ferhatoviс - Hase, Ferhadija Mosque, Church of St. Anthony of Padua, as well as many others, they all become the world's cultural heritage objects and remain as iconic monuments for Sarajevo … Open
The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina also has many interesting museums. Very many of them are dedicated to the tragic events that took place on the country’s territory around 1991 to 2001, which resulted in the appearance of a country like Bosnia and Herzegovina on the map. The locals, like no one else, know and understand that every person in the world deserves to live in peace and harmony, and that no one should have the power to make fun of others. This is what the Muzej Zločina Protiv Čovječnosti I Genocida is dedicated to. Another cultural attraction — Muzej Ratnog Djetinjstva — has a collection of items belonging to locals who survived the war as kids. It is one of the most impressive museums in Eastern Europe.
Tour daffaires de Sarajevo If you would like to know more about the country’s birth, you can visit the lovely Historijski Muzej Bosne i Hercegovine Museum. Among the exhibits here are posters, food sets, uniforms from the time of the war in Yugoslav. You can find combat vehicles and tanks from the Second World War era in the courtyard of the cultural center. Nearby is located the Zemaljski Muzej Bosne i Hercegovine Museum, whose exhibition is dedicated to local archeology, botany, zoology, and local history. Sarajevo is home to so many immigrants from Jewish families – so many that they have a cultural center dedicated especially to them. This is about the Muzej Jevreja Bosne i Hercegovina, where you can learn more about Jewish history, their traditions, and their contribution to the growth of the Balkan Peninsula as a whole. The most precious artifact in the museum is the 15th-century Haggadah Sarajevo book.
Sarajevo is a unique city, which has managed to preserve its "oriental" style and appearance even in the post-war time. The city is dotted with many narrow streets. You will easily find here … Open
You can learn about the country’s history, from ancient times to modern times, by visiting the Brusa Bezistan cultural museum. The house museum Svrzina Kuća is a kind of time travel, and a stop here takes you to the period when the city was part of the Ottoman Empire. The interior has been preserved all these years, and the property itself also impresses with its traditional architecture, in which Turkish houses were constructed. Another such museum is the house Despića Kuća, where the late nineteenth-century family lifestyle is demonstrated – that is, the time when the town was under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The estate is notable for the fact that it was here that the first theatrical performances were staged for the bohemians of that time.
Bibliotheek van Sarajevo / Stadhuis Another interesting cultural center of the capital of Bosnian and Herzegovinian is Muzej Sarajevske Pivare. It is situated on the basis of the most renowned beer factory, Sarajevska Pivara, whose history dates back to the Ottoman times. In addition to the fact that you can learn a lot of interesting information about how beer is made in Sarajevo, tourists are provided with the opportunity to taste the intoxicating drink at the end of the excursion through the museum. The educational building Akademija Likovnih Umjetnosti is one of the most remarkable structures in the town. It was constructed at the end of the 19th century and was initially a temple. The construction arose from the need for a place of worship for those who did not identify themselves as Muslims. The academy can still be considered a temple because of the Romanesque-Byzantine style in which it was built.
Ethnic cuisine is genuinely unique and presents a balanced fusion of culinary traditions of Slavic, Mediterranean, Turkish and German cuisines. In the heart of the menu of numerous … Open
The picturesque parks of the city will be ideal for a walk that all visitors of Sarajevo will live to remember. “Vrelo Bosne” and “At Mejdan Park” are the finest green places that can brag of extremely wonderful views. Among the fortifications of the city, it is worth mentioning the Bijela Tabija fortress, which survived a lot of historically significant events. The fortress which rises predominantly above Sarajevo tends to say it will defend the city as it has done many times before. Built in 1550, the defensive structure was reconstructed several times owing to the enhancement of military technologies. Unfortunately, the fortress was significantly damaged during the armed conflict in Yugoslavia and was subjected to mass shelling.
Sarajevo riverside panorama The Bistrik Kula Tower deserves a visit thanks to its beautiful observatory, which was built in the 1960s and opens up magnificent views. The cultural center Bošnjački Institut is an interesting place to be for tourists wishing to enjoy a visit to an exhibition or conference. All you have to do is follow the repertoire of the upcoming events so as not to miss any important one. However, the same applies to the theatre program at the Narodno Pozorište Theatre. Before visiting the theater, you should take a couple of minutes to enjoy the beautiful architecture of the building. For those who like to stroll around cemeteries, it is advisable to make a promenade along “Groblje Alifakovac” and “Jevrejsko Groblje”. These places are considered to be the most secluded and peaceful.
The city of Sarajevo is known for plenty of attractive shops, boutiques and markets. The city offers its guests excellent parks for hiking and tranquil relaxation as well as sport centers … Open
It is essential to go for a walk along the impressive bridge of the 16th century, Latinska Ćuprija. The bridge is interesting as an architectural monument but not just that. The fact that it was here that Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophia were killed contributes too, which was the reason for the beginning of the First World War. Since at that time the people of Sarajevo wanted to get out of Austro-Hungarian Empire, the murderer Gavrilo Princip was considered a national hero. The bridge was consequently named after him for a while. Another interesting construction in the town is the bridge from the 18th century, Kozja uprija. Situated among scenic expanses, the bridge is remarkable for its isolated atmosphere, as well as for the local legends linked with it. The locals will be pleased to educate curious visitors about any of this. “Ajfelov Most” is considered to be the most romantic bridge in Sarajevo. Newlyweds come here to perform rituals, symbolizing their allegiance to one another.
Holiday Inn hotel The Sebilj Fountain, situated on the territory of the ancient market of Baščaršija, is another lovely building in the town that would blow your mind. The military tunnel Tunel D-B is yet another reminder of the events of bygone years when war enveloped Yugoslavia. The locals called it the “Tunnel of Life” because it was here that the likelihood of survival increased several times. Tourists coming down here will be able to comprehend how those who have lived and attempted to survive in the nation felt in those hard times. You should not underestimate the building because it seems simple and unremarkable on the outside, as Sarajevo is full of such houses. However, upon entering inside, what you will discover will amaze anyone, even the most sophisticated traveler. The city also conducts guided tours to places where bombings once took place. It should be noted that even the most sophisticated tourists will be impressed by such tours.
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Sacred Heart Cathedral, Sarajevo

Location on the map:   Facts: » The building is depicted on the city flag and the state seal of Sarajevo.
»  It was constructed and blessed in 1889. The House of God was consecrated and named after the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
»  The Feast of Corpus Christi was first celebrated exactly at that time. The Sacred Heart symbolizes God’s love for all humankind.
»  In 1997, the Pope came from the Vatican City and examined the cathedral.
»  In the temple, the archdiocese of clergymen was established.
»  The architectural monument is an attraction in the settlement.
»  The carved altar is made of light Italian marble.
»  There are statues of apostles. The main statue is Christ pointing at his Sacred Heart.
»  The Slovene people presented the belfry 5 bells.
»  There are two rectangular chapels at the sides of the cathedral. They are crowned by triangular spires with crosses. The constructions are 43 m high.
»  There is a baptistery in one of the towers. The second tower leads to the belfry.
»  The interior attracts with big stained glass windows made by special order in Australian Innsbruck. Windows depict the scenes of Scripture.

Church of St. Anthony of Padua, Sarajevo

Location on the map:   Facts: » There was an old dilapidated building (1882) at the site of the modern Church of St. Anthony of Padua. Its foundation was made of stone. The house was built of wood. Over time, the House of God was dilapidated and could be a danger to worshipers’ life.
»  The funds for the new construction had been collected for 8 years. In March 1912, the first brick was solemnly laid in the foundation. The construction lasted 7 months.
»  The choir was founded in 1925. Chants are accompanied by organ music.
»  The building was restored in the 60s. Famous architects have painted the church for 20 years.
»  The vault is 15 m high.
»  The 50-meter tower with a belfry was added to the main building. There are 5 bells on it. One of them weighs 4 tons.
»  The interior is very luxurious. You can see artistic canvasses, sculptures, mosaic walls, and frescoes made by Croat masters. The collection of paintings consists of 100 masterpieces of different epochs.
»  The cathedral is also famous for its history and cultural heritage. It was a place where faithful citizens loved spending their time.
»  The House of God has been opening its doors to followers of all religions for a century.

Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque, Sarajevo

» The Beg Mosque, as it is called by the citizens, is a building of white stone and the monument of Muslim architecture. It was built in 1531.
»  The money for its construction was donated by Gazi Hüsrev Bey. He was the representative of the sultan in Sarajevo and the city reached its high point when he ruled. The exterior of the building reminded the ruler of Istanbul.
»  The House of God impresses with its strict lines and the absence of excessive decorative elements on the facade. Wall panels are decorated with the eastern ornament of geometric figures and flowers.
»  The 26-meter dome is supported by the walls that are 2 m thick.
»  There is a belief that Gazi hid golden coins into the bricks. He bricked up so many coins that they could be used to pay for the construction.
»  There are 51 windows. Rectangles give much natural daylight.
»  There are only three round windows. They are quite common for Islamic architecture. This is how the architect left a memory of himself.
»  The inner room has the shape of the square. Each wall is 13 m long.
»  There is a marble fountain bowl in the territory of the complex. It is used for washing. Once, the water was heated for the first time here.
»  In the courtyard, there are graves of eminent people of a bygone era.

Ferhadija Mosque, Sarajevo

Location on the map:   Facts: » In the city district, there is a mosque built in 1562.
»  Ferhat Pasha donated for the construction but demanded ransom for the General Auersperg’s son he captured. The construction of many houses cost 30 000 golden ducats.
»  The nearby school, the canteen, and fountains were destroyed by fire. There are preserved 20 gravestones in the territory.
»  The famous Mullah Mustafa Bašeskija wrote the chronicles and worked in the school at the mosque.
»  The dome was damaged during military operations of the last war in 1993 and removed. The Muslim building was blown up and its remains were delivered outside the settlement.
»  The restoration process was quite painstaking. During the restoration, items of the architectural style that was common for buildings of the 16th-17th centuries were found.
»  The niche in the wall that turns to Mecca dates back to the 16th century.
»  In 2016, the new mosque opening ceremony was visited by 8 000 people, including representatives of confessions from other countries.
»  The Ferhadija Mosque differs from other mosques in its architectural plan. The house is multi-domed and has the shape of a pyramid. The stairs become narrower at the entrance. You can enter the prayer room from the outdoor gallery.

Avaz Twist Tower, Sarajevo

» There is a skyscraper in the city. Avaz Twist is one of the highest new buildings in the Balkans. The construction with a 30-meter antenna is 172 m high.
»  The construction lasted 36 months (2006-2009).
»  The curled Avaz Twist Tower attracts with its mirror facade. It looks like a solid monolith faced with blue glass. 40 floors are full of life. Remarkably, all the levels apart from the upper two floors are hexangular and the others are round.
»  During the construction, 23 m3 of concrete mixture and 3000000 kg of iron were used.
»  The total area of the building is 32 m2.
»  You can use any of 38 lifts. Lifts go with a speed of 5 m/s.
»  There is an observation platform at a height of 150 m. You need to up 780 steps to reach it. The terrace has a panoramic view of the surroundings. In the warm season, the platform is visited by 10 000 travelers.
»  There is also a food outlet.
»  The media group has a headquarter and an editorial office here. The tower is named after the publishing house.
»  There are its offices. The five-star Radon Plaza Hotel is located in a separate area.
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What to visit during two-day excursion in Sarajevo

National Museum Of Bosnia And Herzegovina
Where: 3 Zmaja od Bosne, Sarajevo; Telephone: +387 33 66 80 27; More info: Tram to national museum;
National Gallery
Where: Zelenih beretki 8., Sarajevo; Telephone: +387 33 266 550; More info: Tram to mula mustafe;
Sarajevo’s Religious Sites
Where: Bascarsija area, Sarajevo; Telephone: + 387 33 220 724; More info: Tram to bascarsija fountain;
Austro-Hungarian Sarajevo
Where: Various sites in and around the centre, Sarajevo; Telephone: + 387 33 220 724;
City Walking Tour
Where: Branalanca Sarajeva 12, Sarajevo; Telephone: +387 61 190 591; More info: Tram to obala kulina bana;
Tunnel Museum
Where: Tuneli 1, Ilidža, Sarajevo; Telephone: +387 33 213 760; More info: Tram to ilidza;
Vrelo Bosne
Where: Located 12km outside Sarajevo, Sarajevo; Telephone: + 387 33 220 724; More info: Tram to ilidza;
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♥   Katedrala Marija Majka Crkve, Mostar, 73.8 km from the center. On the map   Photo
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