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Shopping in Nicaragua - outlets, shopping streets and boutiques

Rum and coffee are, perhaps, the most popular souvenirs that tourists enjoy bringing from their vacation in Nicaragua. Don’t limit yourself to these two choices because there are so many interesting goods to choose from. Moreover, tourists can buy items that are useful in everyday life, not just some useless dust collecting souvenirs. For example, hammocks are very popular in Central and South America. Virtually every house in Nicaragua has a hammock. This country is believed to be one of the best places to buy a hammock. There is a factory that specializes in making hammocks in Masaya.
Nicaragua is a country in Central America that borders with Costa Rica in the south and Honduras in the north. There are not many tourists from Europe …
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Cordoba is the national currency in Nicaragua. Exchange your money in the bank. If you have a small sum to exchange, you can try to use the services of street exchangers. These individuals usually offer a favorable rate, but it is not safe to use their services (there might be scams or robbery). It is convenient to exchange money in supermarkets. The procedure is simple – you pay with U.S. dollars and get the change in cordobas. The cordoba banknotes are available in the following denominations: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500. There are also coins – 1, 5, and 10 cordobas. One cordoba is equal to 100 centavos. The national currency has very limited circulation outside the country, and it is very hard to buy or sell it in other countries. There might even be problems with exchanging cordoba to dollars or euro in Nicaragua. It is always better to plan money spending so that you don’t need to exchange cordoba before the departure.
To find something original, visit Mercado Oriental in the capital. Local people say that is it possible to buy everything at this market. It is hard to say whether they are right but the market occupies a truly giant area – more than ten square kilometers. The market is divided into segments such as vegetables, meat, clothes, electronics, bags, pets, etc. It will take more than one day to see everything, so it is better to visit the sections that sell the items you need. One more thing to consider – Spanish is the primary language here, English is almost useless. Copyright
The Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, lakes, tropical forests, and volcanoes – these are the best attractions in Nicaragua. Nevertheless, it is still …
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If Mercado Oriental is the biggest market in the country, the biggest market for tourists is located in Masaya. The choice of souvenirs and memorable items is pleasing here. There are many leather items for sale such as belts, wallets, purses, hairpins, and even cigarette cases. Cow skin is the most popular but exotic skin – crocodile or snake – is also available. Stamped leather is more expensive and is used for bags, cowboy boots, and sombreros.
Female tourists can buy some exotic items in Nicaragua. While many women in Europe and North America try to make their breasts bigger, women in Nicaragua are more concerned about their butts. Local beauty standards are somewhat different. A bit of extra weight is considered beautiful in Nicaragua. Thin waist is not popular here – small belly, appetite shapes, and a big butt are the symbols of femininity and good health. That is why almost every clothing shop sells special pads that make the butt bigger.
Nicaragua is located in Central America between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The country has a tropical climate. People tolerate hot …
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Travelers can export fine jewelry (any gold ring, items with precious stones and gold setting) only if they have a special certificate. If you don’t want to deal with papers for customs, it is better to shop for fashion jewelry. Traditional jewelry made with wood and glass beads is cheap but it looks very attractive. American Indian souvenir shops offer many artisan handmade items such as amulets, masks, clothes. The village of Pueblos Blancos (mid-way from Managua to Granada) has some of the highest concentrations of artisan workshops in the country. Tourists can purchase unique pottery here, including tableware (plates, mugs, flagons), statuettes, and home décor items.
If you think that food is the best souvenir, consider buying chimichurri sauce. Red vinegar adds a special taste to this traditional sauce, so you will certainly amaze your friends at the next barbecue. Popular Nicaraguan desserts are also a good gift. Coconut pieces in sugar, Dulce de leche (a dessert with condensed milk), and rosquillas (cheese cookies) are the ever-popular national desserts. Nicaraguan honey can be an interesting, useful, and delicious gift. By the way, some local bees are dangerous. Their poison is so strong that it can be life-threatening.
1. It is better to purchase a local SIM card for Internet access and overseas calls. The rates will be cheaper in this case. Tourists do not need any …
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Nicaraguan coffee deserves a separate mention. In short, local coffee is so good that it is simply unforgivable to visit this country and fail to buy local coffee. Nicaraguan coffee is recognized among the best in the world. This country knows well how to roast coffee beans and brew the fragrant drink. San Sebastian and Las Flores are the most popular coffee brands, but tourists are free to buy any coffee brands if they are made in Nicaragua. High quality is guaranteed in this case. Local coffee is significantly cheaper than in most parts of the world.
Now let’s get back to the rum. Flor de Caña and Plata rums are popular tourist choices because they are available in gift sets. These are award-winning rum varieties with quality packaging. Rum connoisseurs like them, but the mainstream tourists might have different opinions. Nicaraguan cigars are not as famous as Cuban ones but they can be an interesting addition to the collection. Sellers at local markets usually offer cheap cigars. If you want to buy a quality product, it is better to visit a special cigar shop or to attend an excursion to the tobacco factory.
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