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National traditions of Cambodia. Habits, mentality and the way of living

Angkor Wat Temple, Siem Reap, Cambodia The main ethnic group of Cambodia is Khmer people who are characterized by a calm and friendly nature. Despite the good-natured attitude towards other people, this nation has a lot of unusual and strange traditions. Tourists should treat the customs and manners of the local population with respect. Cambodians react negatively to anyone who does not honor their centuries-old lifestyle. Inhabitants of Cambodia can be described as true patriots, fanatically loving their king and unquestioningly obeying his will. The vast majority of the local population profess Buddhism but respects adherents of other religious faiths without imposing their views and attitudes. The use of narcotic drugs is not accepted in Cambodia. At the same time, smoking herbs that have a mild narcotic effect is quite common.
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Many ancient customs have not lost their relevance over time and are still widely observed in the country Khmer people revere their own temples, Buddhist customs, monks. Cambodians willingly make donations in favor of temples and other religious purposes. Such a reverent attitude of the local residents towards religion requires no less attentive attitude towards established rules from tourists. Thus, once in a Buddhist temple, you must only move clockwise. In places of religious significance, it is prohibited to photograph monks and the surrounding environment without special permission, which can be obtained after making a donation or purchasing ritual supplies.
According to local etiquette, it is important to remember the traditional greeting when meeting with a Cambodian. Men can confine themselves to a firm handshake and a respectful bow. Women should make a slight bow. Visiting a local house, it is recommended to present a small gift to the owner as a token of gratitude for hospitality. Cambodians have an extremely negative attitude towards any manifestations of anger. The Khmers do not tend to show aggression, preferring constantly neutral behavior. Avoid pointing anything with your finger, as this may be perceived as a sign of disrespect or insult. According to ancient custom, it is forbidden to touch the head of another person, especially small children. A demonstration of shoe soles is also considered insulting because after long walks they become unclean. Giving and taking various items, the inhabitants of Cambodia use only their right hands. Copyright
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The country's population prefers to dress in traditional cotton clothes. On holidays, they are replaced by much brighter silk outfits. Men wear wide trousers and spacious tunics. Women try to look modest and unobtrusive. The Khmer tolerate tourists who are allowed to appear on the streets in almost any look. Of course, extremely short skirts or shorts are an exception. Wearing them when visiting the temple may be regarded as an insult. It's recommended to exclude these fashion items while in Cambodia.
Preabaromareachaveang - Royal Palace, Phnom Penh The country has great respect for family values. Representatives of the older generation, especially women, are revered in all possible ways. Most families are categorized as large, each one has four or five growing children. Cambodia is a country with one of the youngest populations in the world: most of the population has not reached the age of twenty-five years. When a child is born in a Cambodian family, he or she is first given a hierarchical status and then a name. Usually, a person's name is an abbreviated version of his status or title. In some cases, Cambodians call their children in honor of deceased relatives, thus paying tribute to them. Matriarchy is dominant and actively encouraged in the country.
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An important part in the life of Khmer people is religion. They never miss the opportunity to bow to the Buddha, respect and honor monks. Cambodian residents are very fond of lush celebrations. Religious holidays are celebrated on an especially grand scale. Large-scale colorful festivals are often held in the country. Traditions urge the growing generations of Cambodians to abandon the attributes of modern civilization for the sake of religion. This decision is considered an important and responsible step for every young resident of Cambodia.
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