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Abu Ghraib Prison, Iraq

From series “Famous prisons of the world”
Year: 1960.

Abu Ghraib prison is located in the city of the same name in Iraq. It is located in the vicinity of Baghdad. The opening of this prison took place relatively recently, in 1960. It was built specifically for the detention of political criminals. Abu Ghraib prison has become known all over the world because some of the world's largest mass executions and tortures were committed in it. One of the most brutal periods of incarceration began in 2003. United States troops invaded Iraq at this time.

Evidence of mass torture was made public a year later. The US military used them against prisoners. The prison came under the control of the Iraqi government in 2006. All prisoners were transferred from Abu Ghraib to other prisons in the country as soon as possible. The Iraqi government decided to close the prison in 2014. Numerous rebel attacks have contributed to this in many ways. They have repeatedly managed to release several hundred prisoners.

Criminal proceedings were initiated against the US military in 2006. Judge Alvin Hellerstein did it. It was he who ordered the United States government to release the photos taken by the American invaders in prison. 12 American servicemen were found guilty. They were sentenced to various prison terms. Abu Ghraib is no longer used for its intended purpose. But the territory of the former prison is strictly guarded. Outsiders are not allowed to enter it. Next - Devils Island Prison

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Useful staff nearby

ATM bankomat: 'IDB ATM' located in 15 km ( check the route on the map).
Car rental office: 'طريق البراء/للنقل العام' is located in 22 km ( on the map).
Fuel station: 'Khan Dhari filling station' in 2.11 km
Supermarket: 'مجمع مخازن سعد' in 6.57 km
Parking: 'Al Furat Parking Garage' in 19 km
Apotheek: 'Pharmacy Makarem' in 11 km
Police station: 'مركز شرطة حي الرسالة' in 6.36 km
Cafe/restaurant: 'al Bisalem' in 19 km
Railway station: 'Abu Ghraib' in 4.85 km
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Top destination around Abu Ghraib Prison - Baghdad

At the end of the 90s of the previous century, the capital got a new tallest building in the city – the Baghdad Tower. It is located in the western part of the capital. The tower is 205 meters high, and its spire is 55 meters high. After a thorough restoration, the tower returned its original look and now has arched decorations in Arabian style. These decorations make the tower reminiscent of a minaret. There is a restaurant at the top of the tower. The restaurant is revolving, so visitors can enjoy stunning views of the city.

The Abbasid Palace is a beautiful architectural landmark that tourists should visit during their stay in the city. This is an important cultural sight of the late 12th century. The palace is located in the central part of Baghdad. According to local theories, this was initially a school. Local schools have an unusual term to describe them - madrasa. The décor is strikingly rich and sumptuous. The walls are covered with marble mosaic, and mirrors have intricate bronze ornaments. Skillful marble, wooden, and gypsum carving simply cannot leave visitors indifferent.
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