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Parma: Minibus Vehicles Rental

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The configuration of the left-hand side form: Search minivan or minibus vehicles at the rental location 'Parma - Airport'. Address: G. Verdi Airport. Via Natale Palli, Parma, Italy.

Location alternation can be done in one of the following ways:
- type 'Parma' in the 'Location' field and select another location from a drop-down list;
- use the links to the locations below;
- use the map of Parma below.

Map of Parma rental locations
Parma: minivan rental hints

Typical models of the minivan/minibus class in Parma are: Citroen Picasso, Citroen Jumper 8 seater, Citroen C8 Tdi, VW Touran, Peugeot 807 7 seater, Opel Zafira and others.

Standard capacity of a minivan in Italy is up to 9 people (8+1 formula), traditionally providing seven or eight passenger seats. The capacity of a minibus may vary from 9 to 15 people.

Please note, that in order to rent in Italy a vehicle with capacity which exceeds 8 passengers, you would need a driving license of the corresponding category.

Minivan dimensions are quite unusual for an ordinary driver, which sometimes leads to appearance of scratches and dents during unsuccessful manoeuvering or parking. Therefore, we encourage you to order full coverage of insurance franchise during your booking, or directly at the rental office in Parma.

Before leaving the parking garage in Parma, inspect the minivan for exteriour defects and other signs of damage together with the office representative and mark the found defects found in your rental documents. wishes you a great driving experience on the roads of Italy!

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Driving Advices for Italy – Traffic Regulations and Road Usage Peculiarities
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Audi and Volkswagen are particularly respected by locals. Mercedes and Opel branded cars are also widespread in the streets of Italian cities. Citroen and Renault are slightly less common, and it’s really rare to see a Japanese car in the streets of Italy. “Luxury” cars can often be seen in big resorts, but they are very rare in ordinary towns.
Local drivers can safely be called the true “masters of parking”. They can easily squeeze their compact cars between neighbors in a parking lot, even if in this case the distance between the cars will be only a few millimeters. Drivers, who value their cars and do not want to see scratches on them, should refrain from such maneuvers.
Scratched bumpers and small dents are fairly common for local car owners. They have stopped caring about such insignificant facts a long time ago. As a rule, the tightest parking areas are located close to supermarkets and shopping centers.
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