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Parma: Family Car Rent

Finding best deals

The orange form at the left is tuned to retrieve midsize sedans and station wagons available at the rental location 'Parma - Airport'. Address: G. Verdi Airport. Via Natale Palli, Parma, Italy.

Using the links below, you can choose from other 2 rental offices in Parma, as well as upgrade the vehicle type to 'Fullsize' or 'Premium'.

To get the best deal, we recommend looking for a car few months in advance, when rental prices in Italy are set to their initial minimum levels. Besides this, airport rental offices offer wider selection of best deals comparing to city offices.

Map of Parma rental locations
Parma: Hints for intermediate car hire

The segments of standard, intermediate and fullsize cars in Italy traditionally include the following vehicles: Audi A4, Volvo V50, Honda Accord, Audi A3, Toyota Avensis, Mazda 6 and others.

The process of a car reservation on consists of 3 simple steps: (1) search by the dates and pick-up location, (2) car type selection, and (3) booking form completion. After the booking, you will receive a rental voucher at your e-mail address.

Before selecting a specific model to book, check your planned routes. If you are going to drive mostly within the Parma borders, choose a car of 'Standard' or 'Compact' types. In case you plan long cross-countries trips or mountain adventures, the more comfortable and powerful 'Fullsize' models would become a better choice.

If you need a car with an automatic gearbox, try to make a reservation at least a few days before the pick-up date, since confirmation of such models in Parma might be delayed for a day or two.

Upon the return of your car, carefully check that the total payment amount (invoice) is computed according to the original rental conditions.

We wish you 'smooth', secure and safe roads in Parma!

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Driving Advices for Italy – Traffic Regulations and Road Usage Peculiarities
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Paid parking lots are usually marked with blue color. The cost of parking there costs from 1 to 3 euro per hour. As a rule, the most expensive parking lots are located close to major attractions and shopping centers.
The majority of parking lots are equipped with special machines that accept payments. When entering them, drivers should receive a ticket that indicates the time of parking. This ticket should be installed on the inside of the windshield, or simply pressed by the janitor. People, who plan to use such parking lots, should get enough coins and money in small denominations – ticket machines do not give change.
If a parking lot is not equipped with a ticket machine, most probably it is operated by special cards. These cards are sold in newspaper and tobacco shops, some cafes, shops and hotels. The cards also need to be attached to a conspicuous place with the time that indicated the start of parking.
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