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US Virgin Islands

National cuisine of US Virgin Islands for gourmets. Authentic recipes, delicacies and specialties

For tourists, the Virgin Islands of the United States offer different cuisines of the world so that everyone can find something familiar. It is possible to find dishes of different cuisines: Asian, European, African, etc. However, the islands have their own cuisine and it is very interesting to try. Local cuisine is nutritious, original, and spicy. The latter is traditional for hot countries. It is an interesting mix of local traditions and other cuisines of the world. Many local dishes contain fish and seafood – it is easy to get them as there is sea around the islands.
1. The U.S. Virgin Islands is an expensive resort. Nevertheless, tourists must be ready to add tips - 10-15% to all bills. The service fee – 10% – …
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There are meat dishes in the local cuisine, but they are not as widespread as fish dishes because meat production is more expensive. That being said, tourists may not notice local preferences – as tourism is the main source of income for the islands, locals try to do everything to make guests satisfied, so local restaurants cook all kinds of popular food. The reason why it is hard to breed livestock on the islands is simple – the U.S. Virgin Islands are unlucky when it comes to freshwater. Subsoil waters are very deep and there are no naturally formed bodies of water on the surface. That is why there are no mammals on the islands. Local people desalinate seawater and collect rainwater.
Shops usually sell imported food. There is locally produced food and it is very delicious, but it is mostly possible to find it at local markets. If you prefer to cook yourself, it is better to keep this in mind. Local markets offer everything that people need: meat and a fantastic variety of freshly caught fish, vegetables and fruit, spices and milk. Local climate and soil are particularly suitable for spices, so local spices grown here have a peculiar taste. By the way, this is the main reason why food cooked in the U.S. Virgin Islands tastes a bit different even if the recipe is the same. Local spices are a wonderful gift and a souvenir. Copyright
The U.S. Virgin Islands – Saint Thomas, Saint Croix, and Saint John – are a paradise for beach recreation, divers, and nature fans. This is a …
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Here is the list of the most popular local dishes: Callaloo – a soup-type dish containing meat, seafood, stewed vegetables, and spices; Old Wife – fish filet with a fruit and vegetable garnish; and Fungi, boiled cornmeal with okra. Conch is another interesting dish. It looks like pancakes but Conch is made not from flour but from seafood. The dish can sometimes contain only shell-fish. Foreigners are usually surprised to see a mix of different roasted and stewed seafood types. The serving method is even more unusual – the dish is served in a conch shell instead of a plate. In short, it is definitely worth trying. Even though popular local dishes have names, different chefs can cook them in a completely different way. The recipes and even cooking methods can vary a lot. That being said, the final result always tastes well.
Local nature is rich in fruits, so locals serve them as dessert, add to ice cream, and make juices. Restaurants in the islands can easily add various fruits to dishes that traditionally do not contain any fruits in other parts of the world, for example, in Europe. Potato and cornmeal (Fungi) are the most typical garnishes, but fruits can also be used this way. For example, local people roast banana and use them as a garnish to fish or meat. Bread-type products are very diverse – flatbread is the most popular and generally used bead type.
The U.S. Virgin Islands are well-known as a paradise for shoppers. Duty-free goods attract tourists no less than warm sea and white sand. Perhaps, …
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What drinks are the U.S. Virgin Islands famous for? Bush tea is the most popular choice among non-alcoholic beverages. This is herbal tea that contains locally harvested herbs. The islands are rich in fruits, and pineapple, papaya, mango, and guava are the most popular ones. Fans of fresh-pressed juices will be happy to find such a variety because they can drink new juices every day and never drink the same juice twice during their vacation. Rum is the most popular alcoholic drink. Other drinks, cocktails, as a rule, necessarily contain rum. Cruzan is the most popular rum in the islands. Tourists are also recommended to try this brand.
Where can tourists enjoy a delicious meal? Each of the three islands - St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John – has many restaurants with different cuisines of the world. Some dining establishments offer high cuisine and some are targeted at local traditions. There are expensive restaurants and cafes with affordable prices. Besides that, virtually every hotel has its own restaurant. Fans of fast food and big portions should visit Island Time Pub American Yacht Harbor. According to tourists’ feedback, this café offers the best pizza in Saint Thomas. The Terrace Restaurant in Cruz Bay, Saint John, offers fine French cuisine and many seafood dishes. Coral Bay, another popular restaurant on the same island, specializes in authentic Caribbean food.
Every country has its own holidays, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as a part of the United States of America, share many holidays with the continental …
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The U.S. Virgin Islands is not the cheapest destination in the Caribbean. People have to desalinate water and use fuel brought from the continent for that. This factor affects local prices greatly. However, local living standards are fine. Local people are not super wealthy, but tourists will not face devastating poverty like in some other countries of the Caribbean. The islands have beautiful beaches, delicious food, pleasant and safe recreation. These are exactly what tourists need to relax and forget about all the troubles.
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