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National traditions of Mozambique. Habits, mentality and the way of living

Mozambique is located in southern Africa. The country borders with Tanzania in the north, Zambia in the northwest, Zimbabwe in the west, and South Africa and Swaziland in the southwest. The country has access to the Indian Ocean in the east. For European travelers, the period from July to September is the most comfortable time to visit Mozambique. The weather is not humid, too dry, or too hot during these months. Many surprises wait for tourists in Mozambique – the poverty of local people, talented works of wood carvings, and interesting places. The country has such famous attractions as the Island of Mozambique and the Palace of San Paulo.
An unprepared tourist might find it surprising that there are landmarks made by people with European names in the south of the African continent. For …
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We should start with a brief history of the country. Mozambique was a Portuguese colony in the mid-20th century. Local streets were named after famous Portuguese people, and there were monuments dedicated to them. Mozambicans started fighting for independence in the 60s of the previous century. They were demolishing statues of colonizers and changing the names of their streets and towns. The country finally became independent in 1975 and changed its name to the People’s Republic of Mozambique. All colonists were expelled from the country, and people who had no experience became the new leaders. A civil war started in 1976, and it ended only in 1992. This is when the young country finally started developing. There are some positive shifts, but the country still lacks order and economic growth.
Nowadays, every foreign guest needs to undergo a verification procedure that includes taking photographs and fingerprint records. A photograph in the passport is not important. Customs officers have their database, and they input information about every foreigner who visits Mozambique. Do not take large sums of money with you. People with more than 5,000 U.S. dollars in cash are subject to investigation as potential smugglers. Prepare for a long talk to customs officers in this case. Naturally, problems like this can spoil any vacation. Copyright
Mozambique is a country with ancient history, rich flora and fauna, and gorgeous beaches. There are many attractions left from the colonial period …
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Tourists who faced problems with transport in exotic destinations in the past will be pleasantly surprised in Mozambique. The country has a well-developed transport infrastructure. There are regular intercity buses that connect large cities. Bus stops and stations look modern. All transport has a fixed schedule, and there are announcements about arrival and departure. There is only drawback – the departure time that is often 4-5 am. There are no asphalt roads in the countryside, and locals usually use kamion trucks to move around. Within the city borders, many people use chapas – small private trucks manually transformed into minibuses. Chapas do not have a fixed schedule. As a rule, drivers simply wait until the vehicle is full. This is not the most comfortable means of transport.
Tourists, who want to explore Mozambique in a rented car, need a driving license of their home country, international driving license, and a bank card. Cash is the most convenient way to pay for rent. Before renting a car, pay your attention to not only its look but also do a short test drive with the owner, check all documents and all necessary additions like the first-aid kit. Even a slight violation can cause problems with the police and might result in a fine or an offer to give a bribe. For tourists, it is better to be passengers in Mozambique. There are three railroads in the country but local trains make short rides only.
1. Don’t forget that Mozambique is a country with a tropical climate. A vacation here requires a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. If you plan to try …
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There is an airplane connection between the most popular resort cities in Mozambique. This is the most comfortable way to make long-distance journeys. There are almost 160 airports in the country, and 3 of them are international. LAM Mozambique Airlines is the main air carrier in Mozambique. It sells its tickets on the website and in agencies. Next, let’s talk about the taxi – the most comfortable means of transport for tourists. Official taxi cars are painted in yellow or green colors. Local taxis do not have meters, and so taxi drivers enjoy increasing the price for foreign guests. That is why it is important to discuss the price in advance and do not give the money to the driver until you reach the destination.
Peacock is not an exotic bird here. It is possible to see peacocks on the streets of Maputo. Women use a special net to catch tiny shrimps in the shallow areas. They call these shrimps camaron fino. It is common in Mozambique to ask an eating unknown person to share food, so don’t be surprised if someone approaches you with this question. Such behavior is rare in the capital. Local people believe in the power of witchcraft. Some policemen can try to get money from foreign tourists, accusing them of violating traffic regulations. It is better not to drive a car here.
Africa is a mysterious and attractive destination for European tourists. If you plan to visit Mozambique and explore this country together with your …
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People in Mozambique still remember the colonial period, and so there are locals who do not like white people. They are not aggressive but they can ignore white tourists. Quite often, these locals can become lazy once they get the money, so tourists are better to pay when the job is done. Mozambique is a multinational country that is home to 50 different ethnic groups. Portuguese is the official language but only one-fourth of the population knows it. Many people in the capital can speak English. There are many poor people in Mozambique but the country is developing.
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