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Turkish hotels will not be obliged to certify for Covid-19 measures

News The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism has officially announced that small hotels can now resume their operations without mandatory Covid-19 certification. Such decision will affect hotels in which have less than 30 rooms. In a pandemic, small hotels were put in the most difficult situation.

In some of the resort villages of Turkey, which are outside the major tourist areas, hotels did not resume operation until now. Although small hotels will no longer need to undergo the certification, their employees and guests will still need to comply with a number of rules and security measures.

First of all, hotel employees will be required to wear protective masks throughout the working day. The body temperature of the employees will be measured every day. At the first sign of illness, an employee will not be allowed to work. As in large hotels, small hotels in Turkey will also pay special attention to disinfecting surfaces both in rooms and in public spaces.

Upon check-in, guests will have to go through several new procedures. First of all, they will have their temperature measured, and before settling in, their suitcases will be disinfected. Some changes will also affect the rules in restaurants. If earlier, even in small hotels, guests could use the services of a buffet and self-serve food, now the procedure for serving guests has changed. Only restaurant employees will serve the dishes to the visitors; before entering the restaurant, visitors will be offered to disinfect their hands with an antiseptic.

Small hotels will also strictly enforce the norms of social distance. In restaurants and cafes, tables will be set at a safe distance from each other; the correct arrangement of furniture should also be made on open terraces and on the beach. This summer, a special Safe Tourism Certificate was developed for hotels in Turkey, which spells out all the new operating rules.

Absolutely all rules and recommendations are aimed at ensuring the epidemiological safety of hotel employees and guests. In order to fully comply with all the innovations, large hotels had to spend considerable expenses. For most small hotels, such expenses are unbearable, but the hotel owners will still strive to comply with them in order to provide a high level of safety to guests.


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