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You have been many times in Spain, Turkey, France, Italy and feel ready to taste something completely new? Then, try so far untouched landscapes and culture of russian lands.
We are organizing all-inclusive tours to yet undiscovered beautiful country of Belarus. We offer a full set of services, starting from visa arrangement and tickets booking, to organization of excursions, fishing, hunting, saunas and tasty russian food.
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general info
You will travel to Belarus on the all-inclusive basis, that means the accommodation, foods and drinks, as well as a number of excursions and activities are included in the tour. The travel and visa costs are not included. All the time during your tour, our english-speaking guide will be available for your convenience. Our chief tries to please your appetite with delicious russian food.
You will be living in an authentic cottage 'Among Friends' that stays on the high bank of crystal-clear river Berezina, deep in the heart of belarusian forests. The tours are available for groups of 2-8 people. The cottage is rented only by one group at a time. That means you will feel yourself in privacy and coziness, like you do among your best friends. You will be offered a huge variety of excursions and activities. The tour duration is normally 8 days, but may be changed upon your request.

accommodation: 'Among Friends' Cottage
The cottage 'Among Friends' is built in the unique and low-populated area of wild forests and small lakes on the high bank (30 m) of the Berezina river (location map). From the cottage windows you can enjoy a beautiful panorama on the surrounding landscapes. The cottage itself is built from wood with an authentic decorations in belorussan style.
All our friends and visitors love this place. The Among Friends Cottage is happy to admit you to the circle of nature and active leisure lovers any time of the year.
A six-room wooden house with a Russian stove, a cozy living room, a dining room and a well-equipped kitchen will be at your full disposal for the time of vacation.
This is an ideal place for discovering russian land and its culture with your family and your friends.
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Wit-Rusland accommodation

tour activities

If you prefer active holidays, you will be pleased with the range of entertainment we offer. The activities included in the Belarus tours are the following: russian sauna, fishing, shooting competition, picnic on one of the wild and non-reachable island of the river, excursion to a defense line of german army during World War II, excursion to the last defeat of the Napoleon's army on the Berezina river / journey to Minsk.

The additional entertainment/recreation you may request during your stay are: hunting, trip to the old-time belarusian village Dudutki (open-air museum), excursion to famous places of the II World War, viewing the beautiful Belorussian orthodox churches and so on.

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food and drinks
During the period of your Belarus vacation, you will be supplied with the delicious russian dishes, made by our chief. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the must. You will also have an access to snacks or drinks at the time between. Our menu is broad, and depending on your preferences you will be served with the best food we can offer.
Our menu contains russian shashlik, pelmeni (ravioli), draniki, borsch and schi (soups), grilled fish, zapekanka, kasha, russian sausages, local vegetables and fruits. Of course, we offer you typical russian drinks: vodka, samogonka (grappa), wine and beer.
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belarussian drinks

transportation to Belarus

Please note that we do not organise transportation to Belarus!

There are a number of travelling possibilities to Belarus. In all cases, we meet you immediately at the arrival place in Belarus and drive you to the cottage by our transportation means.
By train. There is daily night train from Dusseldorf to Minsk, with coupes that are equipped with comfortable sleeping places. The train makes the distance in 23 hours. The return ticket is around 200 euros.
By bus. The daily busses from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Breda travel to Minsk, Belarus. The bus duration is 25 hours. The return ticket is around 120 euros.
By air-plane. There are direct flight possibilities from Franfurkt, or one-stop flights from Amsterdam to Minsk, Belarus. The price varies from date to date (200-600 euro). Flying time - 2 hours.
By car. Very convenient, cheap and romantic way of traveling to Belarus. From Germany to Minsk it takes 15-24 hours of driving. The roads in Belarus are quite good (better than in Russia), so driving is easy and fun. Group travelers benefit from low cost of such type of transportation.

Please note that we do not organise transportation to Belarus!

visa to Belarus
We arrange a touristic visa for you in a belarussian embassy in your country. The arrangement takes 1-5 days.

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