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Tour Photos

nature nearby

view from the high bank view direction - Moscow

Forests in Belarus Fisherman boats on the river bank

small bridge to Berezina river Pictorial view on surroundings from the cottage

View on the cottage from the other side of the Berezina river Winter in Belarus



Among Friends cottage

Chalet of russian style Cottage Among Friends

Kitchen room Dining room

Cottage in russian winter Winter

Entrance to the cotttage Russian stove Stair to the second floor



excursions in Belarus

Excursion to Minsk, Belarus Minsk, Belarus
          excursion to Minsk                 

Orthodox church in Borisov, Belarus Kurgan of fame, Belarus
     Orthodox church in Borisov               WorldWar II - Hill of Fame

Castle in Mir, Belarus  Church in Mir, Belarus
        Ancient castle in Mir                Orthodox church in Mir

Stalin line, Belarus German defensive line of WWII, Belarus
   Defensive structure 'Stalin Line'    Long german defensive line from WWII




Shooting from a pneumatic gun Trips along the river on a small boat
     shooting from a pneumatic gun     boat trips through the river labirints

Fishing from the river bank, Belarus Trips along the river on a small boat
         fishing in the summer                   fishing in the winter

Picking the mushrooms in Belarus Hunting in winter and summer in Belarus
        picking the mushrooms                   whole-year hunting

Russian sauna (bania) Picnic on a wild island in Belarus
        Russian sauna (bania)                  picnic on a wild island



food and drinks

Oladii Traditional russian borsch
      Oladii - sort of pancakes          Traditional russian soep - borsch

Shashlik Pelmeni - sort of big ravioli
         Russian sate - shashlik          Pelmeni - sort of big ravioli

Blini Draniki from potato
    Famous russian pancakes - blini          Belorussian dish - draniki

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our partners / наши партнеры
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