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welcome to Belarus

Belarus is located in between Russia and Poland (see the map). Its nature is still untouched and authentic, one third of Belarus territory is covered by forests. Belarussian landscapes will open for you the nature of Europe as it once was. Belarus is a country of thousands crystal-clear lakes and many rivers.

svitiaz Belarus lake

Belarus can be translated from russian as "White Russia" Ч a tender and poetic name perfectly reflecting the spirit of the country and people. The russian word Belaya means light, clean, innocent. However, Belarus does not adhere to the the bright colors of Mediterranean. It does not possess the expressing exoticism of Africa or thin slyness of the Middle-East either.

Its quiet charm is appearing gradually: in the soft tints of morning sky above the softly blured line of horizon; in the green of those fields freely stretching along miles; in the stimulating aroma of pine forest; in the sadness of crane's cry. The slipping-off beauty of Belarus will be opened to those, who are capable to stop and perceive the surrounding world. Just look into the deep eyes of Belarus' Ч dark-blue lakes, just put your hands into the cool water of merry stream, and hide from the warm shower under the green paw of a fir tree...

Orthodox church in Brest Castel in Kossovo Orthodox church in Borisov

Surprising thing: it seems that here, in the very heart of Europe, the time slowed down its run. Albeit all around the world the XXI century is running, the civilization advances by huge steps, in Belarus, nature remains natural, people Ч humane, and old human values Ч eternal.

Through centuries, Belarus was conquered many times, but itself was never a conqueror. Belorussians were changing their faith, accepting stranger's cultures and languages, in order to assimilate with other peoples. However, in spite of all this, Belarus did not loose its national identity. Basic distinctive features of Belorussian people Ч tolerance and ability to understand mentality of other cultures. Belorussians always was proud of the fact that in their country there were no pursuits after religious or national identity. Tolerance and great feeling of humor distinguish Belorussian people. Traveling on Belarus, do not hesitate to ask for help and we assure you that you will get sincere support in any corner of the country.

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