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Driving in Ireland – Recommendations, Tips and Tricks

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12. Among other toll road sections, we should definitely mention Portlaoise - Cullahill (M7/M8) and the N8 Rathcormac – Fermoy. The cost of a ride on them is the same - 1.8 euro. The same amount needs to be paid for using a part of the N25 Waterford City Bypass road.
13. Finally, don’t forget that you will have to pay if you plan to use the M3 Clonee - Kells road and the Limerick tunnel, which is located on the outskirts of the same named city. The fare for passenger cars is 1.4 and 1.8 euro, respectively.
14. In Ireland, there are the following standard speed limits: for settlements the maximum allowed speed is 50 km/h, outside settlements the speed is 80 km/h, on highways you can drive not faster than 100 km/h, and, finally, on motorways, the maximum allowed speed is 120 km/h. While driving, you need to pay attention to road signs on some sections of roads as they can have other speed restrictions.

Hints on Car Hire in Ireland

When choosing a car for your Ireland trip, don’t forget to check and compare the franchise amount (indicated in the rental conditions) for all cars considered in your selection. The franchise may vary from 200 to 2000 euro/dollars even for cars of the same class. A thorough comparison will allow you to choose the option with the lowest franchise.

During your booking, we will offer you to take a full coverage of the franchise ('No Risk' or 'No Excess' package). If you book a car without full coverage, it is recommended to take it at the pick-up time - this will substantially reduce your financial liability in Ireland for the whole rental period.

During your car pick-up in Ireland, do not forget to check what to do in breakdown-, accident- or theft-cases. Most of our offers include 'Breakdown Assistance' package. Besides this, every rental office would be happy to assist you with this package.

Prior to the car return, please check your voucher for the fuel conditions. If it is indicated that a driver shall return the car with a full tank, do not forget to refuel it on the way back, this will save you from additional charges at the rental office.

If you are looking for a car hire in Ireland, we advise you to check actual rental offers. Just use the orange search form at the top. We guarantee that you would not be able to find better rates anywhere else!
15. The permitted level of blood alcohol content for drivers is 0.5 ppm. The fine for driving under the influence of alcohol can be up to 5,000 euro. No matter how much the allowed limit is exceeded, the driver will lose the right to drive vehicles for a period from 1 to 3 years.
16. If the violation is made for the second time, the driver is likely to have his/her driving license suspended for a period of 2 to 6 years. Drivers, whose driving experience is less than 2 years, should be extremely cautious when consuming alcoholic beverages. The permitted blood alcohol content for them is 0.2 ppm.
17. In case of poor weather conditions, drivers are required to turn on lower beams. If the visibility is good, turning them on is absolutely not necessary.
18. Children under 12 years with the height of less than 150 cm can be transported in a vehicle only in a special child seat. The vehicle can also be equipped with special restraint systems that meet the child's weight and height. The child seat can be installed on the front seat of the car, but in this case the air bag has to be turned off.
19. The driver and all passengers in the vehicle must fasten seat belts. The fine for driving with unfastened belts is 60 euro. It is worth noting that drivers are responsible for juvenile passengers, so it is the driver who must control the use of seat belts.
20. The use of cell phones while driving is also strictly controlled. You can use your phone only if it is equipped with the «hands-free» system. The fine for this violation is also 60 euro. If the use of cell phone becomes the reason for an accident, the driver’s case will be submitted to court, and the amount of the fine will be increased to 2000 euro.
21. Prepare that you can be fined even for a minor traffic violation. Some violations are subject to both fine and penalty points. Once you get the fine receipt, the payment must be done within 28 days. If you do not pay on time, the amount of the fine will increase by 50%. After that, you will have another 28 days to make the payment. In case the fine is not paid after the additional 28 days, the case is submitted to court. If a serious violation has been made, the case is likely to be submitted to court immediately.
22. Gas stations in Ireland usually sell unleaded gasoline (95), as well as diesel fuel. Petrol stations that sell leaded gasoline are very rare, as well as gas refueling stations.
23. The cost of one liter of unleaded petrol is approximately 1.2 euro. It should be mentioned that you will find 24/7 petrol stations in big cities and close to highways only. Therefore, if you plan to make rides to remote areas of the country, it is better to think about the purchase of fuel beforehand.
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