Travel guide over Le Morne sights

Another popular entertainment for guests of the resort is visiting the local caves. Along the coast there are a lot of them. Such excursions are very popular among tourists with children. Some caves can be reached only by water. Only one such trip will be an unforgettable event. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Le Morne

Bear in mind that local chefs add a lot of hot spices to many fish dishes. Such spicy food has long become regular for locals, while foreign guests may find it too hot. Some tourists say that dishes in local restaurants are so spicy that it is almost impossible to discern the taste of products used in their preparation. Cooks always pay special attention to the tastes of tourists, so before making an order, you can ask not to add hot spices to the dish. … Further

Guide on cultural sights

From Le Morne, one can easily get to the picturesque town of Rose-Hill, the entire territory of which is considered a unique historical site. A lot of well-preserved colonial buildings are still actively used by townspeople here. They are presently occupied by schools, colleges, government offices, and hotels. It is very convenient to explore the small town on foot, as interesting historical sites are located at every step. Here you can find an excellent theater where local artists and student groups perform, as well as several art galleries. … Further

Attractions and nightlife of Le Morne

Many surprises are also prepared for hiking enthusiasts who will have a chance to explore the Casela Natural Park. It is home to a large population of lions and many rare species of trees and other plants. Excursions are only carried out accompanied by rangers. Tour participants can watch wild animals in their natural habitat. The reserve's area is about 25 hectares, among its inhabitants are giraffes, rhinos, flamingos, and about 1,500 bird species. … Further
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