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LGBTQ+ Travelers Share Their Post-Coronavirus Plans

News The International LGBTQ+ Travel Association has recently conducted a survey among its members concerning their future travel plans. As the industry is slowly recovering after the Covid-19 pandemic and countries open their borders, it is particularly interesting to know what people think about travel now and how they are going to spend their vacations. Are they going to choose Berlin hotels or hotels in Reykjavik for their next vacation or maybe they are going to stay home?

More than 15,000 LGBTQ+ travelers from such countries as France, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada participated in the survey. Much to the excitement of the hospitality industry, respondents expressed a strong desire to travel already this year once hotels and carriers adopt the new safety standards. 66% of the participants want to enjoy leisure travel already this year. Autumn 2020, September and October to be precise, are the most popular months for the next vacation.

When asked about the preferable destination, almost one-half of the respondents (46%) said they were not going to make any changes to the types of destinations once the situation is resolved. Less than one-third (28%) of global respondents say they are going to change their destination choices, and the remaining 26% are not sure yet.

Once again, the survey proved that LGBTQ+ travelers are loyal to their favorite destinations. It is also useful to remember that LGBTQ+ community members travel more frequently, so this is an important group of potential travelers that the hospitality industry shouldn’t neglect. The next question in the survey was about the most desired travel-related activities that the respondents were planning to do in the next six months. It looks like domestic leisure trips are the winner here as more than half (57%) was planning to do them.

Other popular answers include booking a hotel or resort (48%), rent a condo or apartment for vacation (34%), go to an amusement park (20%), take a vacation abroad (29%), visit an LGBTQ+ Pride Event (33%), and participate in group travel (21%). How far are LGBTQ+ travelers going to fly for their next vacation? It looks like short-haul flights are a prerogative here – 45% of the respondents prefer flights that last 3 hours or less, 35% would take flights that last between 3 and 6 hours, and only 27% of the participants plan to take flights longer than 6 hours.


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