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Ireland Wants to Reinvent Itself as a Gambling Capital

News What cities do come to the minds of travelers when they are asked about gambling? Perhaps, Las Vegas, Monaco, and Macau will be the most popular answers. At least, not many will mention Ireland because the country is not famous as a gambling capital. However, everything might change in the future.

Actually, Ireland also has much to offer to fans of gambling. Of course, there are no flashy and pompous casinos in Dublin like the ones in Vegas or Monte Carlo. Local casinos have a friendlier and more casual atmosphere. Many of them look more like pubs rather than classical casinos, but instead of drinkers, these venues are full of gambling enthusiasts.

There are some peculiarities about local casinos that travelers need to know. Tickets and a hotel in Dublin or Cork are not enough. All casinos in Ireland operate like clubs, so visitors cannot just enter them. They need to be members of that club. That being said, it is not hard to become a member. It takes only a couple of minutes to fill a membership form and you can start playing roulette or poker. As all visitors are required to confirm their identity, do not forget to take your ID.

Here are some popular casinos in Ireland that are worth visiting. Gold Rush Casino is a chain of casinos with three venues in Cork, two venues in Dublin, and several more casinos in other cities in Ireland. It mostly specializes in slot machines. From time to time, the casino offers card game tournaments with prize pools of up to 7000 euro. The next casino, Macau Sporting Club, is located in the heart of Cork. This casino has many slot machines and plenty of table games. The venue is open from 2 pm and until morning. It also offers nice food.

Located in the Airside Retail Park, the Penthouse Casino & Card Club is open in an eye-catching building with glass panels. The distance to Dublin is roughly 15 kilometers. It is also possible to reach the venue from the airport. This casino starts working only at 6 pm. It has 13 game tables, so it particularly appeals to fans of card games. Visitors can also book a room in a hotel in Swords and save on a taxi to Dublin.

Fitzpatrick’s Casino, which was previously known as 78 club, is open in the heart of Dublin. After the rebranding, the casino has changed its look and now it is easy to notice its bright red sign. Fitzpatrick’s Casino offers roulette for eight people and a selection of slot machines. This casino has an undisputed advantage – it works 24/7. Finally, Westbury Club is a charming casino that is located in the small town of Malahide. The casino is located in a good place, so it is easy to book a hotel in Malahide and simply take a stroll before gambling. There are slot machines, but card games are the main priority. The casino is particularly crowded on weekends.


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