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Travelers from Australia Miss Their Pets the Most While on a Holiday

News A new study by Jetstar throws the light upon the quirkiest habits and behaviors of travelers. In total, the company surveyed as many as 30,000 travelers from such countries as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Great China to detect some interesting peculiarities. The study is a great way to know more about the preferences and habits of travelers across the Asia Pacific region. This information is crucial for the hospitality industry as it helps to serve travelers better and increase their satisfaction.

Named “Global Travel Survey”, the document is a very interesting read. For example, a quarter of Australians say they miss their pets the most when they are away from home. More than 80% of respondents prefer to pack a phone over a book, and more than 33% say that the most annoying behavior of other travelers is when they use both armrests.

Here are more key findings of the survey. In Australia, one in four respondents misses their pet the most while away from home. Australia is the only country that chose this answer as in all other countries respondents said it was their family that they missed the most. Interestingly, only 9% of Australians say they would miss their kids the most. The majority of respondents from Australia (32%) do not miss anyone as they simply enjoy their holiday.

When asked about their dream holiday, more than a half of Australians would like to travel with their partner. Only 9% would like to travel with kids, and only 7% would pick to travel alone on their dream holiday. This is quite different from Japanese travelers who are more willing to travel alone (28%). Aussies like their smartphones and 80% of people would rather take a smartphone than a book. They are not alone in this decision. For example, 97% Singaporeans picked the smartphone as well. Moreover, people are ready to scarify such essentials as hairbrush (34%), shoes (12%), and even underwear (7%) just to be able to take their smartphone.

Travelers are less willing to ask people for directions these days. Only 15% say they would ask a stranger, while 35% prefer to rely on smartphone GPS. What is the most devastating thing that can happen during a vacation? We know the answer. It is losing your wallet. All countries except Vietnam picked this answer. For Vietnamese, losing a smartphone is the most frustrating thing (48%). When starting a holiday, 20% of Australians think it is normal to have an alcoholic drink at the airport. Japanese travelers are even more likely to celebrate the start of their vacation with a drink – 42% support a morning shot.


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