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New Displays with Recommendation for Travellers in Indigo Hotels

News Hotel Indigo is a brand that connects visitors and the neighborhood, and this is a true gem for visitors who want to explore little discovered places rather than popular destinations that attract tourists. Today, when most popular museums and other places of interest are already known to many travellers, more and more visitors want to visit places that are not mentioned in every guidebook. Same applies to restaurants, shops and other places that may draw attention of hotel guests.

Experts at Hotel Indigo decided to provide quite a new service. While in upscale hotels concierges provide information about neighborhood, in Hotel Indigo this is going to be a team of locals who work at a hotel and who are always welcome to help hotel guests. According to Hotel Indigo brand managers, modern travellers are not much interested about trendy or popular things. They want to find “hidden gems” of the city they stay in, and so local people will be the best source of knowledge for them.

However, not all hotel guests may find it convenient to ask a bartender or a maid for help. Hotel Indigo brand has developed a special database called the Neighborhood Guide. This database connects guests and hotels around the world, and it can be reached through an innovative touchscreen display. Guests will be able to find the Neighborhood Guide only at Hotel Indigo branded properties. Through such a display guests will be able to know a story of neighborhood of each hotel, and will get access to most favorite attractions and restaurants chosen by each local team. The information comes with photos and feedback of visitors. As currently there are 55 Hotel Indigo properties in the world, guests have access to a global interactive map. The map included first 8 markets in 2012. The project got many positive feedbacks and was well received by guests who published over 12000 pictures. Now the project works all over the Americas, and soon will be spread to all properties around the world.


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