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Qaqortoq Village, Greenland

From series “Small flamboyant towns painted with Van Gogh colors”
Year: 1775.

In Greenland, fans of vacations in unusual places can visit the miniature town of Qaqortoq. After the archaeological research, scientists were able to find out that the very first settlement on the site of the modern town has appeared more than 4 000 years ago. Many tourists recognize modern Qaqortoq thanks to its unusual colorful houses. On the background of snow-covered hills, they look look like colorful beads scattered on a snow-white tablecloth.

Qaqortoq Village, Greenland The modern town was founded in 1775. The founder was a famous Norwegian trader, Anders Olsen. The village is home to about 3 100 people; it has its own high school and college, as well as a very amazing center of crafts that remains one of the main tourist attractions. The town is remarkable due to the fact that the only one in Greenland leather factory is there. You can buy clothes of the highest quality at the facility.

The Market Square, which is decorated with an unusual fountain with sculptural composition, is considered to be the centre of the town. There are several old houses around the Market Square, which were built over 200 years ago. Here you can find nice shops and restaurants. Ancient buildings house museums dedicated to the history of the town and the culture of locals, so a tour around downtown won’t be boring. One of the most charming villages in Greenland is best visited in cold months. Winter is rather mild, with plenty of snow, but summer is quite cold and rainy here. Next - Livno Town

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Fuel station: 'Petrol Station' in 20 km
Supermarket: 'Bruqseni' in 0.86 km
Police station: 'Police' in 0.79 km
Cafe/restaurant: 'Lal'laati Corner Coffee Restaurant Bar' in 0.79 km

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