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Gyor: Business Limousine Rental

Searching for luxury vehicles

Current settings of the orange search form on the left side: check for luxury and premium cars at the 'Gyor - Airport' rental location. Address: Gyor Airport, Gyor, Hungary. offers 2 rental locations in Gyor for your choice.

You can change the desired rental location in three ways:
- Enter 'Gyor' in the 'Pick-up' field on the left and select a location from the drop-down menu;
- Use the links to locations below;
- Use the map of Gyor below.

Map of Gyor rental locations
Gyor: limousine rental tips

General information. offers premium class vehicles and limousines with best rate guarantee. Having a wide choice of rental providers in Gyor, we show you the most beneficial offers on the fly, based on your search criteria.

The most typical car models in the luxury and premium segments in Gyor are: BMW X3, BMW X5, Mercedes SLK, Mercedes C Class, Mercedes E Class and Lexus ES.

A vital characteristic of all limousine offers in Hungary is a high insurance deposit (franchise). Please read the rental conditions of a selected model prior to your booking.

In addition, for a luxury saloon rental offices in Gyor may request information about two credit cards. It will also be indicated in your rental conditions.

At puck-up time in the office, do not forget to verify the given papers and compare them with your voucher. Sometimes, rental offices in Hungary try to add optional services without notifying customers.

Having accepted the car, read through the vehicle manual and also examine all noticeable exterior defects (e.g. scratches). If found, check that they are mentioned in your rental documents.

We wish you safe driving around Hungary!

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Driving Advices for Hungary – Traffic Regulations and Road Usage Peculiarities
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There are also special parking zones along some roads. It is important to mention that they may allow different ways of parking. Depending on the signs installed, it may be permitted to park with two wheels only or to park in the usual way.
Suburban areas are a typical location of the so called «P + R» parking lots. At such parking lots, it is possible to leave the car for an unlimited time. As a rule, such parking lots are located in close proximity to public transport stops, so they are very convenient and profitable to use.
Local drivers are distinguished by aggressive style of driving. In recent years, they have started following the traffic regulations more attentively, but they still do not forgive inexperienced drivers their mistakes.
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