Travel guide over Java sights

Despite the fact that Surabaya is a big industrial center. It attracts travelers with interesting excursion objects. In the city, there are several beautiful streets with age-old constructions. In its surroundings, there are several wonderful national parks. When walking along Baluran and Meru Betiri Parks, you can see a lot of rare plants, songbirds, and other typical dwellers of these beautiful places. In the city surroundings, there is the Bromo Volcano that is still active. … Further

Most fashionable hotels in Java

Active travelers resting in Semarang like to stay in the popular modern hotel Ciputra Semarang. It’s located in a busy area of Simpang Lima and forms a complex with a popular restaurant and entertainment center, so guests won't get bored of it. There are famous shopping streets and attractions close to this luxury hotel, so customers may spend every day of their stay in a different way. Wellness Centre Arena invites guests to relax after a busy day of entertainment. … Further

Cuisine and best restaurants in Java

We should mention exotic desserts made of a variety of fruits. Many of them are able to surprise visitors from distant countries with a mere appearance, not to mention the excellent taste. It won’t be easy to find sweet desserts and pastries on the island, as fruit goodies dominate at local dining places. … Further

Best beaches of Java

Karang Bolong is literally translated as 'a rock with a hole,' which fully reflects the main feature of this beach. This harmonious sandy stretch of coast is a really unusual natural attraction covered with dense thickets of trees and shrubs rock, which in appearance resemble a large archway. This charming beach appeals to those who are fond of staying in the wild. The river and the picturesque forest are next to it. … Further

Guide on cultural sights

One of the most famous and interesting religious sites located in the immediate vicinity of Jakarta is the beautiful temple of Borobudur. It is known to modern travelers as Temple of a Thousand Buddhas. It is one of the most amazing sacred places of the island featuring an abundance of unique artifacts and exquisite design. The largest temple complex on the island is Prambanan; it is located at the foothills of Colo. All travelers without exception are recommended to see this temple that has no rivals among architectural masterpieces of the island. … Further
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