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Food and Beverage Trends in 2020 and 2021

News COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed many spheres of our lives, and restaurants are no exception. It is not a secret that food tourism has been a hit in recent years. How and what will we eat in the nearest future? Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants released the most important trends for 2020 and shared its predictions on the development of the industry next year.

To prepare the report, Kimpton collected data from 75 restaurants and bars in different parts of the world and added forecasts from experts and food and beverage leaders. It looks like next year will be full of discoveries and brand new trends from the obsession with banana bread and sourdough to virtual wine sampling, Dalgona coffee, and healthy foods. Perhaps, eating oysters at a Paris hotel and socializing with others is something we need to forget at least for some time as the pandemic changed the way we cook and eat.

Takeaway food has been a big trend in 2020. Most consumers had to cook more this year, and people are missing complex meals that they could order in cafes or restaurants. This made takeaway foods like roast duck, paella, and prime rib more popular. Some restaurants are offering incredibly popular “cook-it-yourself” kits where buyers can make quality meals by following simple instructions. Of course, many consumers stick to old and proven choices like pizza, pasta, grilled cheese, and burgers during the self-isolation period. Kimpton hotel in Manchester recorded a surge in the popularity of grilled cheese and burgers while the company’s hotel in Barcelona can barely cook enough cheesecakes to meet the demand.

However, fast food options cannot be on the top for many months as people are eventually turning to healthier options. Kimpton predicts that healthy food will be a massive trend in 2021. Fresh ingredients, vegan or vegetarian food, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, nutritious dishes with faro and bulgur, herbal dressings, and roasted mushrooms may draw more attention next year. Carob is expected to make a comeback in 2021 – this rich in antioxidants and low sugar product can become a healthy replacement of chocolate.

The banana bread trend will continue in 2021 but it may eventually lose to edible cactus and garden pesto. Canned, fermented, and pickled foods are more popular than ever. Trendy food must be not only delicious but also healthy. Finally, local communities and small businesses suffer great damage during the pandemic. To help them survive in these difficult times, people prefer local produce. Food cooked from locally sourced ingredients is good for the body and economy of the region.


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