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Spiritual Travel: the Most Sacred Places in the World

News These days, traveling is way more than leisurely sunbathing at the seaside and sipping juice. Modern tourists seek more personalization, new experiences, and quality for their money. The growing international tourism industry is ready to offer new and exciting destinations around the world. While many people travel to have fun, eat local food or shop, some tourists have different reasons and purposes.

Spiritual travel has been on the rise in recent decades. This doesn’t necessarily involve religious pilgrimage. People enjoy visiting sacred places and learning more about them. Moreover, some of these sacred places are believed to have healing properties, bringing good luck, and making wishes come true. This can make any travel to sacred places even more excited and unforgettable. If the idea sounds interesting but you don’t know much about such destinations, here are the three sacred places that are great to visit.

To get to the first sacred place, you simply need to buy airplane tickets and book a hotel in Jerusalem. This city is one of the holiest in the world not only for Judaism but also for other religions. The Western Wall is a famous landmark that attracts 5 million visitors every year. As this is a place of worship in the Judaism religion, you need to dress in a modest way to visit the wall. Don’t forget that there are separate areas for men and women. Western Wall is believed to have healing properties. Moreover, many people believe that this place can make dreams come true. For this purpose, write your wish in a paper note, pray, and place the note between the wall stones.

The next sacred place on our list is harder to get to. This is the Batu Caves in Malaysia, so don’t forget to book a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The caves are located in the north of the city. The Batu Caves are a complex of limestone caves and Hindu temples that are dedicated to Lord Murugan. The area plays the central role in the Thaipusam, a famous Hindu festival in Malaysia. The caves are believed to have magic properties and are among the ten most important shrines in Malaysia and India.

The last but not the least, the church of the Holy in Sepulchre, Jerusalem, is one of the most sacred places in the world for all Christians. Supposedly, the church is built on the site where Jesus Christ was crucified and buried. The church stands on the hill, the name of which is familiar to every Christian – Golgotha. Many people come to visit this place and get the blessing since Jesus lived and died here.


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