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Coronavirus Disrupts Plans of Travelers Around the World

News The coronavirus outbreak doesn’t seem to slow down, causing problems not only for China but also for the rest of the world. Not only hotels in Beijing and Shenzhen are experiencing troubles. The slowdown is noticeable in many destinations around the world. The whole Asia Pacific region suffers from a decline in travel bookings for the first two spring months by 10.5%. This doesn’t include trips to and from mainland China and Hong Kong, which hospitality industries, needless to say, experience sufficient declines.

For the first two weeks of February, tourism in North-East Asia is experiencing the biggest decline. Outbound booking in this region dropped by 17.1% for March and April compared to the same period a year ago. Tourists from South Asia made 11.0% fewer bookings for the same period, and tourists from South East Asia made 8.1% fewer bookings. Oceania is less affected by the threat of the epidemic, and so outbound tourism in this region didn’t show such drastic decline, stopping at -3.0%.

No need to say how important China is for international tourism. This is the biggest source country in the world. However, the Chinese outbound market is severely behind the same period of 2019. Current bookings for March and April are 55.9% lower than a year ago. Due to coronavirus, Chinese tourists cannot travel, and so digits speak for themselves. The decline in bookings to the Asia Pacific is 58.3% lower. Other regions show a similar pattern. The decline of bookings to the Middle East and Africa reached 56.1%, to Europe – 36.7%, and to the Americas – 63.2%.

Due to the highly contagious coronavirus, the Chinese government made travel restrictions for a period of three weeks. This made the outbound travel from the country fall by tremendous 57.5%. Chinese tourists travel less to absolutely all parts of the world these days. Tourism to the Americas shows the biggest decline, followed by the Asia Pacific. Both the declines are the worst on record. As a rule, Asia Pacific is the most popular destination for tourists from China, and so it usually receives 75% of the Chinese outbound market. Needless to say, hotels in Phuket, Bangkok, Hanoi, and other popular destinations experience troubles now as the decline is tourists is 58.3%.

Being not only the largest but also the highest spending outbound tourism market, China and its travelers are important for hotels around the world. With tourism decline in the Asia Pacific, it is clear that February won’t be a good month for most hotels. Luckily, travel outside this region didn’t fall so much, so the situation requires close monitoring.


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