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Hotels of Future – How Will They Look Like

News The famous futurologist Ian Peterson has made a report for Travelodge Hotels Ltd., in which he describes hotels of 2030.

According to Peterson just within 20 years hotels may change a lot. They will become more interactive and personal. Guestrooms will be equipped with electronics featuring a concierge, a fitness trainer, a doctor and a psychologist. The system will also check the energy level and well-being of a guest. While a guest will be sleeping, sensors in electro-responsive fabrics will track his/her heartbeat, blood pressure and conductivity of skin.

This is just the beginning. Peterson thinks people will be able to watch TV when they fall asleep using active contact lenses that are put under the eyelids. Some technologies may be also applied while sleeping to make this process even more enjoyable. According to Peterson, sleep is an attractive field for development as we spend approximately one third of life sleeping.

Rooms will be equipped with programmable 3D sound systems, while climate control will imitate seaside, mountains or forest. Walls will be also interactive and will display computer monitor, uploaded photos, art or other images. Guests will be able to make virtual tour guides on the place of the arrival. Finally, mirrors will provide 360-degree view and will be able to simulate the look with different hairstyles and makeup.

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