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The Biggest New Wellness Trends at the Moment

News These days, modern travelers choose vacations that let them not only explore new places and see new interesting landmarks but also make them feel better and healthier. This is the reason why tourism and wellness are deeply connected with each other in many ways. Currently, wellness is a global industry with a market value of US$4.5 trillion. During the latest Global Wellness Summit, a board of 550 experts from 50 countries made a list of the biggest new trends in the industry that will shape it in 2020.

Circadian health is the #1 new big trend in wellness nowadays. Many hotels offer special mattresses and premium beds in rooms to ensure that guests sleep well. There are even special sleep resorts that promise quality sleep for all guests. However, truly good sleep comes from knowing the circadian biology. Based on the sun cycle, our circadian rhythms control not only sleep/wake cycles but also metabolism and immune system. This is the reason why light and timing become crucial factors in maintaining good health, and modern hotels need to keep this mind if they want their guests to rest well.

Knowing your customers has always been important for the hospitality industry. While many hotels try to appeal to millennials and Generation Z, they forget about baby boomers who currently control the highest disposable income. Modern people aged 55+ are not typical retirees. They are active, energetic, and willing to travel. According to the World Health Organization, the number of people aged 60+ will almost double by 2050, growing from the current 12% to 22%, so ignoring this age group is a mistake.

It is not a secret that some nations are famous for their longevity. The Japanese are among them. The country is famous for its healing and wellness traditions. Nowadays, more people want to try these practices, and so many of them have become trendy. It is clear that “J-Wellness” is a boom today. You don’t need to visit a hotel in Kyoto or Tokyo to try these practices as many of them are available globally.

Finally, ancient healing traditions are turning into a global trend these days. If in the past traditional medicine was strictly against various ancient practices like chakra balancing, acupuncture, reiki, Ayurveda, Shamanic rituals, and so on, now doctors agree that the human body is a lot more complex. Every human is a complex of electromagnetic frequencies and so ancient traditions of “energy healing” can be extremely useful.


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