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Taiwan Hosts International Balloon Festival This Summer

News Starting from June 29th and until August 12th, guests of Taiwan have a fabulous opportunity to visit the International Balloon Festival. The event takes place for the 9th time in the country. This year, more than 40 balloons from all over the world are going to participate in the event. As the festival will take place at Luye Highlands, it is most comfortable to book a hotel in Taitung and reach the event’s area from this city.

Forget about traditional balloons as this event brings together the most unusual and fabulous balloons in the world. There will be new balloons at the 2019 festival, namely, Peg Leg Pete from the USA, Smurf from Belgium, Sponge from Brazil, penguins Splash and Puddles from the UK, and the internationally famous McDonald. Balloons shaped like pigs and other animals will surely draw the attention of numerous guests.

The International Balloon Festival in Taiwan has an important advantage – this is the longest hot air balloon festival in the world. This is particularly good for travelers who do not need to plan their vacation carefully in order to visit an event that lasts one or two weeks. Instead, they have almost two months to find a Taitung hotel, buy all tickets, and plan the holiday. The event definitely deserves visiting – the Travel Channel named it one of the top 12 balloon festivals in the world. Moreover, the International Balloon Festival in Taiwan keeps growing and offers a carousel, VR experience, grass skiing, and many other entertainments to its guests.

The main theme of the 2019 event is “Endless Happiness, Playground of Dreams”. The schedule also includes nine magical night glow concerts that will combine audio and visual effects, coloring the night sky into all colors of the rainbow. The venues for these spectacular performances have already been revealed. These are Taimali Dawn Park, Luye Highlands, Zhiben Hot Springs, Dapo Lake, Sanxiantai, and Green Island.

Taitung is famous as one of the best destinations for stargazing in Taiwan. To make it even more pleasant to enjoy the gorgeous night sky of the area, Seven Starry Night Concerts were added to the event schedule. These concerts will take place in the most popular tourist destinations of the city, such as Jialulan Recreation Area, King Kong Avenue, Guanshan Waterfront Park, Sanxiantai, and more. These wonderful live music concerts are great for the whole family.


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