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World’s Most Popular Destinations for LGBTQ+ Travelers in 2019

News The International LGBTQ+ Travel Association Foundation (IGLTAF) asked its members about their preferences when traveling in order to define the most important 2019 trends. The survey included such questions as the preferred destination, the most important activities, and safety measures that LGBTQ+ people take to ensure a pleasant holiday. This survey might help to educate the hospitality industry and make it listen to needs and wants of the LGBTQ+ community. Safety during travel is important for the community because it is often one of the key factors that LGBTQ+ people take into consideration when choosing a vacation destination.

Unlike heterosexual travelers, who are more inclined to book a hotel in London or look for a Paris hotel, LGBTQ+ respondents are more interested in the United States. Several major US cities had the biggest gains among members of the community. LGBTQ+ travelers are more likely to visit the following cities: New York (+13% more votes than in 2018), Los Angeles and Miami (both + 11% more), and Chicago (+10%).

It looks like LGBTQ+ people are somewhat more interested in outdoor activities – 48% vs. 41% of heterosexual respondents. LGBTQ+ respondents like the idea of visiting national parks – as many as 79% say they are likely to visit at least one national park in 2019. Only 69% of heterosexual respondents said so. Beach destinations are one more passion for the LGBTQ+ community. 51% of LGBTQ+ respondents and 44% of heterosexual respondents have plans about beachside vacations this year. When it comes to activities, the LGBTQ+ community is interested in nature (28%), food and drinks (24%), and entertainment (21%).

Being an LGBTQ+ person also implies certain precautions and measures. Half of the respondents read guides and travel advisories to make sure the destination of their choice is safe for LGBTQ+. More than half (51%) of LGBTQ+ respondents say that they are unlikely to travel to a country that bans LGBTQ+. The vast majority of participants (86%) say that vacation policies toward the LGBTQ+ community are important.

This year is very important for the LGBTQ+ community because the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, a series of demonstrations by members of the gay community who demanded rights after police raids. This event changed the lives of millions of LGBTQ+ people. During NYC Pride, it will be possible to meet elders who participated in the protest and listen to their stories.


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