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Best Destinations for Foodie Travelers

News Food has become an essential part of travel for many modern travelers. Moreover, for many of them, food has become one of the reasons to travel. A recent report named Tasty Travels, which was commissioned by Hotels.com, detects the most popular destinations for food enthusiasts. The top 3 results are quite expectable – Paris (27%), Tokyo (23%), and Rome (22%).

It is hard to overestimate the importance of food in the modern culture. More than a half (60%) of millennials in America name cuisine the biggest deciding factor when picking a destination for their next travel. Food overcomes such popular options as beautiful beaches (43%), quality of shopping (20%), and even various promotions and special offers (9%). That said, younger travelers from the United States find trying local delicacies more important than sightseeing (65% vs 49%). Exploring the outdoors turned out even less appealing to them – only 34% say they are focused on this activity.

Millennial travelers admit that taking shots of their food and posting it on Instagram looks even better than posting faces of their friends (36%). Food photography has become an obvious trend in recent years. The study reveals that millennial travelers from the US take, on average, 128 photographs during a week-long vacation, and approximately 15% of those shots are photographs of food.

What food do travelers enjoy taking pictures of? Pizza is the winner with 33% of votes. Juicy steaks, burgers and beers are also very popular. While on vacation, many travelers say they would like to try something unusual, such as frog legs or shark burgers.

Hotels in Paris or Tokyo now can be sure that many of their guests come to the cities not only to do sightseeing or have fun but also to enjoy local food specialties. The French capital is famous for its food markets, gourmet chocolate, and blue cheese. Rome offers such signature dishes as Parma ham, pasta, pizza, and Parmesan cheese. Finally, Tokyo is the land of Maki rolls, shiitake mushrooms, ginger, ramen, and tea ceremony.

The new report has also revealed an interesting fact about food and its price. If in the past many travelers were primarily interested in Michelin-starred restaurants and five-star dining, this is not so obvious nowadays. Younger travelers from all over the world are less interested in expensive food. Actually, 20% of respondents said they prefer street food, and 19% try to visit Michelin restaurants during their vacation. 76% of millennial travelers think that food is the most memorable part of their vacation. This turned out to be even more important than going out with a travel buddy (22%) or trying something exciting that bursts adrenaline levels (11%).


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