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The Most Expensive Business Destinations in Asia are Revealed

News Business travel is an inevitable part of the working process in any large organization. While many employees treat business travel as a necessity and a part of their responsibilities, many actually love to travel and consider business trips another opportunity to see new places. ECA International decided to identify what destinations are the most expensive and what countries and cities won’t ruin a company’s travel budget.

Hong Kong hotels may be doing well as they are the most expensive destination for business travelers in Asia. They managed to overcome Tokyo that ended up second in the rank. This is the first time that the Chinese city overtook the Japanese capital. However, experts mention that this happened not because of a drop in the price of business travel in Japan but mostly thanks to the decrease of Japanese yen value compared to US dollar. The average value of a business trip in Hong Kong is US$508 a day.

Singapore occupies the third place in the list of the most expensive locations for business travel across Asia. In 2017, the average cost of a business trip raised to US$479 a day, which is slightly more than US$472 in 2016. This price includes not only hotel accommodation cost but also the daily allowance fee, taxi, meals, laundry, and other daily essentials. Based on reports of companies like ECA, businesses determine the average rate of a business travel for their employees.

So, we have determined the most expensive regions for business travelers in Asia, and what about the cheapest ones? Malaysia turns out to be the most affordable for business guests. Hotels in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru definitely have less profit than Hong Kong as they are at the bottom of the list. The weakness of the national currency is one of the major reasons for that. The Malaysian Ringgit keeps its downward trend, making the country even more affordable for foreign visitors. The average cost of a day in Kuala Lumpur is almost half of the Hong Kong value.

Many other cities across Asia also rank among the cheapest. These are cities in Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei, and Indonesia. When it comes to most expensive cities, besides the top 3 mentioned above, the fourth and fifth places are occupied by South Korean cities, namely, Seoul and Busan. Yokohama, Japan, occupies the sixth place, followed by Dhaka (Bangladesh), Kobe (Japan), Shanghai (China), and Macau. Finally, it is important to mention that even the leader of the list, Hong Kong, is no match to the global leader, New York where a business trip costs US$793 a day on average.


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