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Business Travelers Actually Like to Travel

News For many of us, a possibility of a business trip doesn’t sound very exciting, but the recent survey proves that the majority of people enjoy it. According to a new study conducted by National, the majority of frequent business travelers actually like traveling and find time for fun stuff and some personal activities. As many as 92% of respondents say they are satisfied with their trips and the overall quality of life on the road.

The study also shows that frequent business travelers are accustomed to setting a good balance between work and life. As many as 80% of them say they deserve to take a break from work and, therefore, allow themselves to devote some time to private needs. At the same time, 38% of respondents say that it’s a bad idea to notify their bosses of fun or personal activities during business travel. Almost a half of participants, 40%, avoid telling their colleagues as well. Moreover, 31% of business travelers prefer not to tell about their fun activities to spouses or partners. Nearly one-fourth of participants of the survey want to stay as private as possible and do not even post any information about the fun stuff while on the road on social media.

A funny fact – nearly all bosses (92%), who participated in the National survey, support the decision of their employees to take some time off work when they are on a business travel. It may seem exciting or glamorous to travel for business purposes at a first glance, but it can be very tiresome and stressful in reality. Finding a balance between work and personal interests is crucial on the road. In fact, 92% of business travelers say they are satisfied with their quality of life while they are away from home. More than a half (57%) say they work more during their business trips, and 48% of the survey participants say they are even more productive and focused on the road. Additionally, 40% of workers say they are more efficient when traveling for business, and 51% feel calmer than in their everyday lives.

Almost all frequent business travelers do not plan to travel less in 2018 – 63% plan to travel as much as last year, and 27% report they plan to travel even more. When it comes to age groups that are likely to travel more, male millennials and generation X females are the leaders with 41% and 36% respectively.

In terms of satisfaction level, baby boomers are the most satisfied age group of business travelers. Nearly 93% of respondents say they are very or somewhat satisfied with their business travel. Only 89% of millennials and 86% of generation X respondents said the same. Baby boomers are also the most satisfied with their quality of life on the road (94%), while generation x men are the most dissatisfied (11%).


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