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Europeans Choose Golf Holidays

News Golf holidays have become increasingly popular in Europe, and European travelers are ready to pay more for them. That is the result of the newest report prepared by Sports Marketing Surveys Inc. According to it, German golfers are among the biggest spenders in Europe, and they are ready to spend more than tourists from France, Sweden, and the UK. This year, they spent on average 2,041 euro per trip. That is an increase of 25% if compared with the result of 2012.

To prepare the report, Sports Marketing asked more than 9,500 dedicated golf players (golfers who play this game at least 12 times a year) in four biggest golf markers in Europe. The survey showed that golf players from Germany make the longest golf holidays, the average length of which is 6.9 days. French golfers are the second biggest spending travelers in Europe. Their average spending is 1,777 euro per golf trip, which is 13% higher than in 2012. As a rule, they book trips, the length of which is 5.7 days. Swedish golfers usually spend 1,080 euro and stay 6.6 days during their vacations. Finally, golfers from the UK spend the least – 946 euro per trip with a length of stay of 5.8 days. This group of golf players had the negative spending compared to 2012 – down 12%. The spending of Swedish players was virtually flat.

Thanks to this survey, it is easier to understand the behavior of golfers from the four largest markets in Europe. While French and Germans spend more when they book their holidays, players from Sweden and the UK have reduced their spending or kept it on the same level. According to Sports Marketing, even despite the slight drop the report clearly shows that European golf players want to spend money on their favorite hobby.

Hotels in Spanish golf destinations can be sure that they won’t be empty as Spain remains the top choice for European players. Almost 15% of all respondents mention that they were in the country for a golf break in the last 12 months. Portugal is the second most popular destination for players from the UK, France, and Sweden. At the same time, Australia is the second most popular destination for golf players from Germany. Nearly 13.5% of respondents from this country have made a gold holiday to Australia in 2017.

In the end of the survey, Sports Marketing asked people to name emerging golf destinations. Such countries as Turkey, South Africa, and Thailand got the most votes. More than 39% of golf players from the UK named Turkey as a future key golf destination, while German and Swedish players do not think the same – they chose South Africa.


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