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Singapore Hotels Launch Work for a Stay Programme

News 15 hotels in Singapore offer a very interesting new program for everyone. Singapore Hotel Association together with the Singapore Tourism Board invite interested people to participate in a special program that will allow visitors live for free during 10 days. In return, they will work at these hotels for the same period.

Work for a Stay programme is primarily targeted at students of post-secondary institutions and everyone who wants to work in the hospitality industry and likes the idea of a short-term training in best hotels of Singapore. According to hoteliers, it’s also a great opportunity to earn a staycation, learn more about Singapore, and see how big hotels work from the inside. Participants will understand better the job scope and what skills are important for a successful career in the hospitality industry. For hotels in Singapore, this programme is a wonderful way to scout new talents, provide new career opportunities, and maybe find new workforce for their organizations.

Participants will try performing various functions in a hotel’s hierarchy, such as front office, housekeeping, banquets, and many more. They will experience the regular workload and will do tasks that hotel staff does in their daily work routine. Hoteliers mention that tasks may vary depending on current workload and requests of customers. For example, participants of the programmer may help to organize various events or special arrangements. Upon completing the program, participants will get a training allowance and a one-night hotel stay. The hotel will also provide them with uniforms and meals.

The new programme opens next week, on December 11, 2017, and will last until March 30, 2018. In the statement by Singapore Tourism Board, they mention that the main target of the programme is to identify people with a passion for hospitality. The on-site job experience is always the most relevant and efficient one. The idea to offer a staycation appeared in an attempt to draw the attention of millennials who are particularly interested in new and authentic experiences. Such an approach will look more appealing to them according to Singapore Tourism Board.

All fifteen Singapore hotels already accept requests from people who want to participate in the programme. At the moment, Singaporeans, Permanent Resident job seekers, and tertiary students are considered preferred candidates for the staycation as hotels try to recruit new staff this way and discover new industry talents. Applications are due by 28 February 2018. The detailed information and application form are available on the official Work for a Stay website.


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