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2018 Food & Beverage Trends

News Dining is an essential part of staying at any hotel. However, usual restaurants at hotels slowly lose their popularity as these days travelers crave for something new. Innovative and even odd restaurant concepts will inevitably become more widespread next year, but only consumers and their money decide whether such restaurants survive or no.

One-item restaurants have become increasingly popular lately. They appear not only in the US but also in Europe. For example, the all-cream cheese restaurant opened in New York earlier this year. In Chicago, both locals and guests of the city adore the new café that serves marshmallow in different variations. Amsterdam has even more unusual café – The Avocado Show that is, most probably, the first restaurant in the world that serves all-avocado food. One of the most popular dishes, avocado burger, has all typical ingredients like sausage and bacon, with buns being replaced by avocado. Similar bars have already appeared in London and New York.

China has been successfully exporting its cuisine in recent years. Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice already has more than 6,000 franchised cafes around the world. It’s a one-dish café that offers, as it’s not hard to guess from the name, braised chicken and rice. Braised chicken tights are served in a clay pot with rice, mushrooms, chili, and ginger.

While staying in Lisbon, consider visiting Tartar-la that is very popular at the moment. This restaurant offers only tartare in different variations – beef, herring, tuna, salmon, sea brass, and vegetarian. The first franchised version has already appeared in Amsterdam, with more to come in future. In Singapore, Modern Peking Duck, a famous one-item restaurant, now offers one more dish – roast suckling pig. These days, any dish can become a trend and win an army of fans. For example, meatball restaurants first appeared in New York and now spread to London and other gateway cities.

However, such concept is not deprived of risks. There were similar cases in the past. In the 70s of the previous century, many specialty croissant shops appeared in the United States. Their popularity was blooming until large fast food chains like Burger King included them in the menu. The same destiny awaited Arby’s that started as a roast-beef only restaurant and had to expand their menu later because many other restaurants included roast-beefs in their menus. Either way, authenticity is the key trend of the coming year.


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