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Owner of Viagra Hotel was Forced to Change the Name

News In a previous article, we told our readers about a creative owner of a hotel in Blackpool, the UK, who decided to change the name of his guesthouse into a Viagra hotel. Naturally, such a name caused much controversy among local authorities who considered the name inappropriate for a family-friendly resort. The city council of Blackpool required the owner to change the hotel name, but the new name is as cheeky as the previous one.

Neil Marshall, the owner of The Vidella hotel in Blackpool, suffered from the lack of guests and from the disappointment of tourists who thought “Vidella” was a name of some posh hotel, not a budget-friendly guesthouse. So he changed the hotel name to Viagra hotel and added a sign that promised “to keep you up all night”. The local authorities sent Marshall a request to change the name within 21 days, and he did that, changing the name to The Niagra hotel, with the letter “V” from Viagra crossed. He went further, adjusting the slogan too. Now instead “We’ll keep you up all night” it says “We’ll keep you wet all night”.

The owner told reporters he was merely following the order of the council, which requested the name change but didn’t specify a new name for the hotel. He also added that boring people who didn’t have any sense of humor could be outraged by the name, but it’s all about opinions and many actually liked the new hotel name and considered it amusing.


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