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Factors That Will Shape Tourism Industry Next Year

News End of the year is time for different agencies to make their forecasts about the development of the hospitality industry in 2017. This time, the forecast is made by Magrino, a New York-based public relations agency. The report had been prepared for Travel Trends Summit that brought together main players on the market.

Millennial mindset was named the main trend of 2017. Hotels should stop thinking of millennials exclusively as young travellers aged 18-24. Many people tend to act like kids these days, so businesses will find more travellers who share similar interests if they go beyond standard comprehension of age.

Raising role of Wi-Fi: it’s hard to believe, but some hotels still offer paid Wi-Fi or slow Wi-Fi, but these days quality wireless connection is as important as hot water. It becomes a basic utility. At the same time, such technologies as keyless entry may lose their popularity in future, especially in the luxury segment. Many travellers note that remote check-in or self-service kiosks eliminate human connection that is so important for the industry.

Much to distress of many hoteliers, Airbnb is expected to keep developing. The online home-sharing network has already become a phenomenon. In order to compete efficiently, hotels will need to offer more personalization for their customers and increase guest loyalty.

F&B tourism will not lose its popularity next year. Food, local specialties, award-winning restaurants or trendy bars often become a motivating factor for travellers these days. F&B tourism become more immersive, interactive and culture oriented. “Farm-to-table” trend will also be a hot theme next year. Travellers will be offered to source food directly from farms, catch own fish or hunt truffles in Tuscany.

Finally, wellness will be the mega trend of 2017. Travellers become more conscious of what they eat and want more healthy choices during their vacation or a business trip. Hotels, in their turn, will offer more workouts, yoga classes, sustainable food and other services to keep guests healthy and full of energy.


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