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In-bed Breakfast Record in Shanghai Hotel

News Do you like in-bed breakfasts? If yes, how about having an in-bed breakfast together with over 300 people? Pudong Shangri-La hotel in East Shanghai organized quite an unusual event. It offered 388 people in 202 beds to have breakfast together in one space! The event took place in the Grand Ballroom of the hotel, where the beds were set in rows. The record was already marked as the Guinness World Record for most people eating breakfast in bed.

According to the official rules, all participants ate their breakfast in same pose – while lying in their beds with both legs on the bed and backs leaned on the headboards. Many participants were patients recovering from illness like kids from Children’s Hospital of Fudan Univertsity or breast cancer patients from More than Aware association. The breakfast included Singaporean-style noodles, steamed barbeque bun, hash browns, crispy roll, seasonal fruit and orange juice.

This is not the first in-bed breakfast event for the Guinness World Record. The previous record was set in Sydney in 2012 and it involved 289 participants. Pudong Shangri-La is also known for its love for unusual records. This is the third record of such kind for the hotel. In 2011, the longest Yule-log cake in the world was made in the hotel, and in 2013 it set the record for the biggest number of people blowing out a candle simultaneously in support of Earth Hour.


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