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European Destinations Welcomed 5% More Tourists in 2013

News According to the report published by ETC experts, in 2013 European destinations benefited from the increased number of visitors. Last year the growth of international tourism estimated 5%, and experts see no factors that can prevent the region from attracting more tourists in future. The forecasted growth estimates 3-4% for 2014.

Last year can be safely called successful for European tourism sector as it managed to reach its peak level. 2013 was also the fourth consecutive year of growth for the region. Virtually all destinations in Europe improved their stats, mostly thanks to strong demand in summer from such large outbound markets as the UK or Spain. Last year, the number of arrivals in Europe estimated 563 million. In total, the region was visited by 29 million visitors more than in 2013. The growth of visitors to France estimated 8%, while 60 million international tourists preferred Spain (+6% more visitors). In Italy, the increase estimated 3%. Turkey posted one of best results (+10%), while Germany was visited by 30 million foreign visitors (+4%). Some smaller destinations reported truly stunning increase in the number of visitors. For example, Iceland posted the growth of 21%, followed by Latvia with the growth of arrivals of +14%, Serbia (+13%), Greece (+12%), and such destinations as Slovakia and Moldavia (both the destinations posted the growth of 10%).

Naturally, the growth of visitors caused the growth of occupancy of hotels in Europe. In terms of the growth of this stat, Europe outperformed all regions of the world in 2013. As the Eurozone copes with last consequences of recession and slowly turns to recovery, in 2014 it is expected to show even better results than in 2013.


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