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Countries of Central and Eastern Europe Have Agreed on Developing Tourism in Carpathian Mountains

News The Carpathian Mountains are not widely popular among travellers even though they have everything to become a large tourism center. The mountains are located on the territory of 7 countries – Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania and Ukraine. The countries have agreed on joining their efforts on the development of the region.

The Carpathian Mountains are among largest mountains in Europe and they are home to numerous animals like wolves, bears, lynx, eagles and more. Thus the mountains can become a major attraction to tourists who seek wild nature.

So in order to make this possible, two organizations, the United Nations Environment Organization and the United Nations World Tourism, currently work over a protocol that will coordinate the actions of the 7 countries and will help them to maximize their efforts on the development of the region. The protocol will help them to maximize profit and improve the wellbeing of the local people, while preserving the beauty of this place and its ecosystem.

The Consulting Unit of UNWTO that specializes in Tourism and Biodiversity will provide the countries with the Carpathians on their territory with information on the development of the tourism in the region. It will also help to establish an efficient system of international sales and marketplace positioning.

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