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New Food & Beverage Concept for Hilton Hotels

News Fast-casual restaurant concept becomes more popular, so there’s no wonder why Hilton Worldwide has decided to launch a similar food & beverage program for its hotels. The company reports that the concept will appear in Hilton, DoubleTree, and Embassy Suites hotels.

The concepts for the three brands will have different names, but the core idea for them will be the same. Hilton hotels will feature Herb n’ Kitchen, Embassy Suites – Brickstones Grill, and DoubleTree’s concept will be named Made Market. All the concepts will debut in the abovementioned hotels in 2013 and the process of launching them will be spread through 2014.

These concepts are optional for owners of hotels as there are more than 30 concepts available. Hilton Worldwide increases the number of its restaurants at a rapid pace, and more than 800 restaurants are to open within next 3 years.

Brickstones Grill includes breakfast cooked to order, while lunch and dinner a provided on the “a-la-carte” basis. All the dishes are expected to be cooked in open display kitchens equipped with brick pizza ovens, comfortable booths and organic surfaces. The menu will mostly consist of American dishes, and will feature either single or family portions. An average bill in such a restaurant will be around US$19.

Herb n’ Kitchen will be a self-service model, where entrees will be delivered directly to guest tables. Visitors will also have a transparent view of the kitchen. Depending on a hotel, Herb n’ Kitchen restaurants will offer more dinner-type dishes or shift to pre-made salads and sandwiches. Some restaurants will be equipped with a bar and barista zone. Developers of the concept insist that dishes will have a gourmet feel, despite the retail distribution.

Finally, Made Market will feature a gastro pub concept. Its grab and go dishes will be more organic and will be made in a brick oven.


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