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Main Hotel Food Trends for 2012

News Nowadays the choice of food in hotels is also quite vulnerable to trends. There’s nothing strange in this – food is one of the main aspects of any travel. Today dishes and even cuisines become trendy and outdated at a fast pace. Let’s see what dishes are hot this year.

- Street food made by chefs. This trend has appeared in the US, where food trucks and carts are very popular. Today guests of many hotels are offered to try authentic and portable street food made by professional chefs from best ingredients.

- Healthier and simpler meals. Frequent travellers have already tried many exotic dishes, and now they simply want healthy and simply food for everyday meal. Hotels know about this trend and offer many dishes with simplified preparation. Fresh ingredients and healthiness are the key words here.

- Well-known food with new taste. Such well-known and popular dishes as pizza, macaroni, or burgers get new toppings and various gourmet ingredients to add new flavor and taste. - More protein. This trend comes out of the first trend, street food. Food trucks are now more supplied with proteins. Guests are welcome to try “improved” burgers, barbecue and even chicken wings.

- More choices for children. Chefs have finally paid attention to children. Now small visitors of hotels are offered more dishes and even special children’s menus. More grilled and baked food, more fresh fruit and vegetables – children will be surely delighted by such rich selection. Parents will be also delighted – many hotels offer special healthy food for kids rich in vitamins and microelements.

- Pork products. Pork is told to become one of the most popular ingredients this year. It is not only used in dishes, but is also added to beverages. Guests are offered to try special bacon milkshakes and cocktails with pork.


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